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Thread: 33/28 weapon choice - human

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    33/28 weapon choice - human

    ive gone back and forth between 17/44 and 33/28 with similar weapon grade choices (S1 weapons) and because of my 5v5 team make up and my raid make up (mainly phys dps - rog, enhanc shammy, hunter, feral druid) I feel that the 33/28, while not bring my highest DPS, contributes overall more DPS (cause of the 4% increase to everyone else).

    My question is this - what do you guys find to be a better spec DPS wise for PvE - Mace or Sword? My thoughts on it were this

    Sword - extra attacks make for extra DPS, and thats nice, but swords have the lowest top dmg (since they are moderately fast, compared to maces), and therefore my MS and Deep Wounds Dmg is a lot lower then with a mace.

    Mace - Super high MS and Deep Wounds dmg (esp on MS crit), and 7 extra rage is nice to help with rage gen when in fights - but mace stun almost useless in all raid situations (no use on bosses, and not gonna make that much of a difference on trash) - so is it really worth it?

    Any help/ideas/thoughts/etc are greatly appreciated!


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    Just get a slow sword. They come in all speeds.

    Sword spec is infinitely better than mace spec for PvE.

    By the way, Deep Wounds are the same damage regardless of the size of the crit. A crit with Hamstring gives the same Deep Wounds damage as a crit with MS if you use the same weapon; it's a percentage of weapon damage.

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    Axe is good spec pve and pvp also but sword pve spec is better than mace or axe.

    +1 with norrath , Deep Wounds depend of ur weapon damage range not ur Highest Crit
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    i knew it was based offa weapon damage - I meant to say that the maces in general had a higher base damage so the damages was higher

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