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Thread: TabulaSpot's Raksha Robotics Facility

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    TabulaSpot's Raksha Robotics Facility


    For reference on this instance -- it is not meant to be two-manned. We spent a large amount of time recovering from disaster and getting in over our heads.

    The zone itself is well designed though the structure and low variety of enemies doesn't lend itself well to video format. I may head back to Eloh Vale to grab a video or, more likely, I'll just get the next instances I do as videos as I'm planning.

    Finally, my computer is not exactly up-to-par for recording this game. Framerates won't always be perfect and detail settings won't always be at the very top. I'll look to getting it upgraded over the coming months.

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    Know what this video needs?

    Banjo music.
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    This movie needs more of me.

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