Well I still haven't submitted us and I meant to finish up everything today but it will again wait 'til tomorrow.

Here's what I need to do:
  • Finish up review.
  • Finish and compile Robotics Facility movie, upload to Stage6, put here as News for us to have unique News. But Robotics Facility is not exactly a high-variety zone, so editing wasn't as cut-and-paste as I thought b/c I'd like to keep it somewhat interesting.
  • Format Plains guides, create page for it.
  • Format Crafting Primer and possibly a few more posts or just link to them (a la TankSpot's link bar).
  • Find some way to make our links bar more full.
It's not all that much work but I was sidetracked by two raids tonight and earlier with the server as a whole. I also had to go back and fix all of the misspelled references to Garriott, which was a pain.