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Thread: Bongos 2

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    Bongos 2

    I am bored (and angry) at work, so came here, and decided I need to post something..somewhere.
    Anyone else use Bongos 2 for their Bars?
    I noticed the handiest addition to the MOD when I upgraded after 2.3, it lights up your buffs/debuffs on the bar itself. So when I hit Shield Block, the Shield Block button lights up green until the 2 hits or the timer runs out. If I use Demo Shout, T-Clap etc, it registers if it is on my target, and shows on the bar.
    I just found this damn handy to have on the bar itself, rather than glancing at my buffs/debuffs as well as my Targets Debuffs all the time.

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    I noticed that too and it's awesome, but I'm starting to suspect it's a bit of a system hog and doesn't work for me with all buffs/debuffs. Only a select few.

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    I use it and love it. I had issues with very bad video stutter with the version that came out the day of the patch, but since they fixed it, it's much easier to watch my cooldowns when my debuffs are lit up in the same place.

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