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Thread: Fury Enchants: What is the best combo?

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    Fury Enchants: What is the best combo?

    Hey everyone,

    Finally pushed myself to register to this site. I have read most of the guides here relating to fury and numerous posts here and there, but none of them actually pointed out clearly based on facts what is the best enchant combo for MH/OH.

    Right now, I am considering 5 enchants: Crusader, Mongoose, Potency, +25 AGI, and Executioner.

    I have read a few posts, stating that crusader is better than potency. I believe the post also mentioned that with better haste ratings, crusader will proc more than 1 time per minute, and that it only takes for the enchant to proc for 20 secs to be equal to potency. There is no post comparing Crusader with Mongoose, or Crusader with Executioner.

    My questions are:
    1. Which combination of enchants is the best for a pre-kara fury warrior? I am getting S1 Gladiator Slicer x 2 after the patch. I, personally, favors the Mongoose/Crusader combo. Is this a bad idea?

    2. When should I upgrade to a different combination of enchants? And what combination of enchants are best for what scenario (high AP/CRIT/HIT)?

    If these questions have been asked before, I apologize and please kindly give me the link to the post. BTW, please ignore my hit ratings, crit ratings, and AP...they are work in progress !!

    Last edited by Ghnan; 11-27-2007 at 11:02 AM. Reason: I read the post Mongoose V Exec. Added that by mistake.

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