[floatleft]http://www.theoryspot.com/photoplog/images/1/2_TabulaSpotNews.png[/floatleft]Welcome to TabulaSpot!
Since the site is still under construction, I thought I'd get us started with some worthwhile reading.

First, let me introduce myself. I'm a tireless guide writer and web designer who loves the MMO platform. I've been in love with the market since a magical game named Ultima Online. Since those years, I've followed much the same gaming path others have (though missing Everquest thanks to some time in the USMC). Eventually, I came across World of Warcraft.

Several weeks ago I saw an advertisement for a game named Tabula Rasa. An RPG MMO set in a sci-fi universe? It was enough to warrant a click. It was at that point I saw the name I had grown up with -- Richard Garriot. Lord British.

Knowing nothing of the game or community I had it installed on launch day. I have enjoyed every minute since then, though occasionally problematic, and have finally found a second game to enjoy on this platform.

Gaming Community
With this I made the decision to expandour single-game fansite into a multi-game community.

We aren't a community of people who write guides to make money. We don't look to a dozen different games to rake in the advertising revenue. We can only work for what we love, and we could have only expanded if we found another game we loved. We've been waiting. Richard Garriot's Tabula Rasa delivered.

Our community is based on a few principles. Elegance. Simplicity. Usefulness. Most importantly, Accuracy! How many times have you gone to an MMO site and said, "wow, I really don't agree with that," or "wow, that's really wrong." Everything we write is open to criticism and we expect people to let us know when it's wrong. Yes, we run a fancy website, but you'll find everything on the website is part of our free forum community -- just click "Respond to Article" at the top of this to see what I mean.

If you want to be a part of this -- if you want to be a part of a thinking community with a vast future ahead of us, just Register.