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Thread: Hugh Advantage for Void Reaver

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    Hugh Advantage for Void Reaver

    Windfury Totem.

    It simply cannot be heralded enough the difference between having Windfury for the tank group and not having it. When we switched to utilizing an enhancement shaman in with the tank group our Void Reaver kill time went from just over 9 minutes to an average of 7 minutes. The extra threat equated to literally over 2 minutes faster on a kill.

    It's perhaps obvious, but if you forgot it like us then you'll notice the difference when you make the change

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    I've always liked having windfury and leader of the pack in tank group. But the dps groups don't want to share. Jerks.

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    i know... cheap bastards...but then again rogues seem to like to pad those DPS meters, they dont care about threat anyways so wth do they need to share their WF for?!


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