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Thread: Gearing out for BT/Hyjal encounters

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    Gearing out for BT/Hyjal encounters

    Hey guys,

    Was just wondering if any of those tanks in Hyjal/Black Temple at the moment would have any advice on the gear they are using on most boss encounters in BT/Hyjal.

    At the moment my current approach has been to maximise my stamina and armour values whilst keeping my dodge / parry and block at reasonable levels. (No where near hitting the passive uncrushable levels though :P)

    My armoury link is: The World of Warcraft Armory

    Any tips or advice on what I could change around would be greatly appreciated!


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    In my opinion, you have more health than you need, while your avoidance is pretty unusually low. Through all of MH aside from probably Archimonde having that much health is too much and you'd be better off getting more avoidance. I would never wear that much health in BT aside from possibly Mother Shahraz - 15k unbuffed health has been more than enough for every fight I've main tanked. As you pick up tier 6 level upgrades, I'd suggest putting on at least one avoidance trinket as you can actually start eliminating crushing blows pretty quickly.

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    Thanks for the reply,

    Yea I was thinking also along the lines of trying to reduce the stamina that I am carrying for extra mitigation, but I was worried that as a result I'd die abit quicker than before. Up until Hyjal/BT I had found that carrying stamina helped to give healers the extra breathing room to top me up if I happened to parry or take a crushing blow (even though I do try my best to keep shield block up whenever its not on cooldown)

    Some of the stamina and reduced mitigation is related to the new piece of heroic gear that I am currently using (Brooch of Deftness, Bracers of the Ancient Phalanx) I have found since 2.3 and having expertise and the extra hit rating has allowed me to not mash my keyboard as much and still maintain a handy lead on dps in regards to threat.

    Are there any specifics you would suggest I change around (I don't have much BT/Hyjal gear to switch into slots, mostly SSC/TK/Kara gear)

    *Edited* Sorry just wanted to add also, do you suggest maybe regemming out of +12stam to get some extra mitigation there?

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    The trinkets are a good option to change. My unbuffed HP was 16200 with around 540 def, 30% dodge, 18% parry. With these stats I have MTed every single encounter in BT/Hyjal. I usually carry 2-3 pieces (trinkets) to increase my avoidance around 5% or HP in 100 stamina.
    15k unbuffed maybe slighty low and on the first tries you could die because healers doesn't know yet how to react to the new encounters, but more than 16500 HP could hurt your avoidance too much and burn a lot of healers mana.

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