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Thread: Breastplate of Kings

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    Breastplate of Kings

    I am about to craft my [item]Breastplate of Kings[/item] and am looking towards starting to Main Tank Karazhan. Any gemming suggestions? Do I go ahead and put Solid Stars in or should I wait until the Bulwark? Was planning on using [item]Vindicator's Hauberk[/item] to tank Kara, but the mats have shown up for this other. Looks like there's a lot of Defense to make up on the BoK in comparison.
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    Depends on how easy you can get heroic groups together and whether or not you can get primal nethers easily. If you can get them easily I would just hold off. I'd spend the 2g to gt the 9stam gems and wait to upgrade it. I know I was able to get the 8 primal nethers to update my deep thunder in about 2 days...so imo, no its not worth the 90g for three stars of elune if you can upgrade it that quickly.
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