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Thread: Maxing BS vs Cleaver of the Unforgiving

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    Maxing BS vs Cleaver of the Unforgiving

    so, I've been thinking. I've recently rerolled from my tauren warrior which has seen most of ssc/tk up until vashj/kael, which had, imo the best weapon untill [item]Mallet of the Tides[/item] (which never dropped for me back then); [item]Blazeguard[/item]. Now I rerolled to Alliance, rolled a night elf warrior, and ofcourse took blacksmithing from lvl 1 onwards with the intention of crafting the very same weapon for my new warrior, which has always outperformed [item]King's Defender[/item] in many ways. I now carry a [item]Fireguard[/item] since dinging lvl 70 and my blacksmithing is now at 365. Now that the Felsteel Gloves plans have dropped for me, I can finally max out my blacksmithing skill. And now this happens. 2.3 comes along, Zul'Aman is released and after succesfully clearing Karazhan in our first week of raiding (the whole guild rerolled) and farming ever since, we started out in zul'aman and are now working on getting the Dragonhawk boss down, which should drop soon; Malacrass is next after that and ultimately (I don't think it will take us too long) Zul'Jin. Now what does Zul'Jin drop? An extremely good tanking weapon called [item]Cleaver of the Unforgiving[/item].

    now to compare, These are the stats on [item]Blazeguard[/item] (I need to get into SSC/TK for a [item]Blazefury[/item], wich will probably take us some time as we're a dutch-only guild, and Spinebreaker kinda sucks in regards to the Dutch community there, which leaves us with less then 25 ppl to raid any 25 mans)

    91.3 DPS
    102-190 DMG @ 1.60 Speed
    17 Agility
    25 Stamina
    17 Hit Rating

    and then;

    [item]Cleaver of the Unforgiving[/item]
    98.4 DPS
    110-205 DMG @ 1.60 Speed
    31 Stamina
    Yellow Socket - I will most likely socket this with a +8 hit gem.
    20 Parry Rating
    12 hit rating

    isn't this the obvious one ? I'm feeling kinda buttfucked for lvling my blacksmithing now, as I don't respec for grinding or anything - I got a lvl 70 firemage from a friend for that.

    On top of that, I'm still tanking with my [item]Fireguard[/item] now and honestly I don't have any threat issues at ALL. DPS can go all out since on most fights where I get hit hard I reach around 800-1000 TPS.

    So, Leave my blacksmithing for what it is and just don't bother with it anymore, and wait for Zul'Jin to drop this awesome weapon ? or throw in a few hundred gold and lvl my blacksmithing (i've got the nethers ready) and craft [item]Blazeguard[/item]...

    now that i've typed this I'm actually thinking to just leave blacksmithing for what it is and just don't bother :S

    anyone a different opinion on this?

    Thanks in Advance,


    ps: Props to Cider for creating such an amazing community.
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    after second thought, I still have to lvl my blacksmithing in order to craft my resistance gear for hydross. But the question remains the same; craft blazeguard or wait for Zul'Jin's loot?

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    If you can easily get a group to run heroics, why wouldn't you create Blazeguard? You can't guarantee that Zul'jin will drop the Cleaver for you, so go with the guaranteed option. If and when the Cleaver drops, retire Blazeguard.
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    You can also switch from Sword Master to Mace Master with a fee and craft the one-hand mace for DPS at some point.

    You could do that once/if you get the Cleaver.

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    Ya I know how ya feel. I ended up switching to armorsmithery b/c I felt the same way. I currently have a Blazegaurd collecting dust in my bank. I don't have the heart to sell it.

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