Well, this post is a bit late. Work, school and raids have been keeping me pretty busy and I just haven't had time to sort through screenshots so excuse the fact that I'm posting about 5 days ago .

The Battle
The guild's main focus now lies on defeating Archimonde and ending his terrorist acts against the World Tree. Unfortunately, he seems to have the upper hand. This fight is quite a treat since EVERYONE has to be on their A-game and can't mess up. Fear have to be avoided, Fire has to be avoided, and so does plummeting to your death.

An overview of the fight with Archimonde

One death in this fight can, will, and has led to a chain reaction of deaths that spells wipe. Overall the fight is fairly straight forward but the requirement of flawless execution means that if you have any raid members who usually rely on the rest of the raid to make up for their mistakes it will show right away. From a tanking perspective the fight is very simplistic. Sit there, take a beating, try to avoid the fire to lessen the load on your healers and stance dance a 1.5 second cast fear. Everyone else, on the other hand, has a bit more work. They not only have to avoid the fire and avoid leading it in directions that close off paths of travel, they also have to dispell (very quickly) if they are capable of doing so, heal everyone in the raid if they're healers, and avoid falling to their death after air burst with the use of [item]Tears of the Goddess[/item] which Tyrande supplies everyone with as their request.

Hand of Death... an ability triggered due to nobody being in melee range with Archimonde. Avoid at all costs

The Pain
As straight forward as the fight is it really is unforgiving and is the most difficult learn we've faced since Kael'thas. On the plus side (sort of), there's no trash. You can wipe and wipe to your heart's content and go back for more right away. The negative side effect of this is rather large repair bills...

One night of repairs... I thought repairing frequently would make it seem like less money... it didn't.

As a side note... it's good to note that deaths from the fire do NOT cause durability loss. This is great news for everyone but the MT seeing as how wipes can be seen coming fairly quickly... MTing however does not give you much of a chance to save yourself the repair bill though I have managed to do so a couple of time.

All in all this fight really is somewhat fun. It might be expensive but there's a lot of things going on to keep everyone on their toes. Hopefully I can report on the death of this menace sometime in the near future

Our secret weapon... Blizzard's new race, the Wisp playing the role of Warlock!