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Thread: Paladin Tank Guide

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    Paladin Tank Guide

    My first character was a warrior tank. I never felt really effective at it and when BC came out I got her to seventy and dropped her all together. I would really like to avoid this with my paladin. Iíve seen some really excellent paladin tanks, and the class has an advantage with group agro which was my biggest frustration previously. Still I am concerned that Iíll run into the same thing when I get to end game (sheís 58 right now). Agro gain is what worries me the most. Threat generation is a little odd to me on the pally after playing a warrior tank. Half the time I have agro I feel eerily as if itís an accident of circumstance rather than a product of proficiency. Anyway Iíve looked through the forums and used the search option and havenít found any specific guides on play mechanics for paladins. If anyone knows of articles and wouldnít mind taking the time to link them or shove me toward them that would be great. Thanks

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    You should check out Caoin's Paladin Tank Guide, which really sums up very well the most important things you should know about the spec.

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    you will want to read Tankadin 101 - Gestalt. Be aware that guide was written in February.

    Then, you will want to spend the next month searching through http://failsafedesign.com/maintankadin/ . Every question you can think of about a Tankadin has been answered there. If you need any help that you just can't find an answer to, feel free to PM me (maintakadin is a better place to PM me than tankspot, but I have been on tankspot fairly frequently recently as well.)

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