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Thread: Eternium Greathelm vs Tankatronic Goggles

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    Eternium Greathelm vs Tankatronic Goggles

    Hey all, I managed to get the [item]Eternium Greathelm[/item] last night from Opera though I've already got the [item]Tankatronic Goggles[/item]. I know that the goggles are straight up better than the helm (at least IMO) in pretty well every way, but I was wondering if there was a way I could Gem/Enchant the helm for an alt set. I've currently got the goggles gemmed for threat (+8 hit, +18 Stam Meta and the AP/Hit enchant from CE rep) mainly because I need a bit more of a buff in that department and I'm not Revered with KoT.

    In any case, I'm wondering if I should try to re-gem/enchant the goggles and gem/enchant the helm in a specific way so that I can use them for two different sets.

    Additionally, with the relative ease at getting Badges now, I'm looking to upgrade something else from my gear. I've still got a couple blues that could really use replacing, namely my Bold chest piece and the Felsteel Gloves I've yet to get rid of. My ranged weapon is actualyl a green 'of Stamina' piece that I only keep for the +24 stam until I get the 'ol Destroyer.

    Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    I see no specific encounter why you would want the Eterinum Greathelm over the Tanktronics.

    Even if you gemmed EG for threat and TG for EH/avoidance it still would not be a wise downgrade. There are much easier pieces to downgrade for threat (i.e. Rings, Neckpiece, trinkets, etc.)

    The Tanktronic goggles will last until T6. They are a very prized piece and wearing EG instead (or even T4 helm) is not recommended. I'd wear TG in all your sets.

    P.S. Get that KoT enchant, or better yet, if your guild raids ZG, get that enchant. The ZG head enchant is the best head enchant for EH.

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    The Greathelm is worthless compared to the Goggles. No other way of putting it.. sorry bud.

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    Takes two or three people to get a head enchant for zg, and while it isn't as good for threat as the ap/hit enchant it has sbv and better stats all around that the KoT enchant.

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    you should have told them to DE it and give you the void crystals so you can save up for mongoose or executioner,

    seriously there is not many other helms better than tankatronic

    i just looked at your armor, you say u need extra threat, i'd probably go to a faster weapon for the initial threat and rage generation, the rest of your gear looks pretty good..

    spend your first 35 badges on either neck/bracers/cloak, lol all really good upgrades btw...

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