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Thread: Critisize me

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    Critisize me

    My name is madsocks from the guild Sparta, we fight on EU server Arathor.

    I am currently the main tank in Karazan, we have killed up to and including chess event. My concerns are prince and nightbane, i dont feel I have the gear to tank these events. Whats your thoughts?

    Is there any way to improve my kit? or is it a case of waiting for the drops?


    Also - I'd like to hit ZA, is my kit ok for the first boss or 2?



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    I thought you have a nice stuff to try Prince and Nightbane. Those two bosses have been nerfed a lot past the last months and with 14.5k unbuff you will have no problem. Perhaps try to put a +12 dodge on cloak instead of a +120 armor.

    I didn't try ZA yet so i dont know (but i think the first boss is easy).

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