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Thread: Jan'alai adds?

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    Jan'alai adds?

    Did a quick foray into ZA tonight after raid. Was enjoyable. We only had an hour so we ended on Jan'alai (the dragonhawk boss).

    I was curious how guilds handled adds during the encounter. Since it's something that'll probably be of interest to more people than just me, I'm posting here.

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    One side we only let out 1-3 birds having one melee dps take care of that. On the other we wait until 10-15 is hatched and have all dps go kill them off. So far we had druids tank the birds but seems to work out well. Having a paladin to tank the birds would make things alot easier to hatch more of the birds. Would possibly even make it easy to beat the enrage timer, something we never managed so far.

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    We let one side hatch twice (~3 adds) and one side hatch three times (~7 adds). Single targeted the adds down, then back to the boss. Went through three hatching phases before 35% and had about ten adds up for that phase.

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    we assign 1 dd to every hatcher, one for the left one for the right side. he dps the hatcher to ~20%. We also split the rest rest dps, 3 on each side(including the one for the hatcher), all dps is focusing the adds, the dd assigned to the hatcher finish him after about 3 hatches (1+3+5=>9 adds). for us it was easier then to aoe them down, adds also just have ~4k HP so its no problem to focus them down, the first adds always have been dead when the hatcher hatched 3.time. But it's important that only one person is assigned to each hatcher or you will end with having to less or to much adds spawned.

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    My guild has had success with the following strategy that may work for others as well:

    Before the pull, pick a side to get dragonhawks from.
    When the hatchers come in, kill the one on the other side before he hatches anything and let the other hatcher break some eggs. We let that hatcher break 3 waves of eggs and DPS him down (which can lead to a 4th watch being popped which is fine by us). Dragonhawks are gathered and AoEd down. What you need to be careful of is the chance that Jan'alai could bomb while your hatcher is there.
    Be mindful of the timer and make sure you get the hatcher down before that happens or else he'll sit safely behind the wall of fire and hatch everything.
    After 3 hatchers you should be essentially void of all eggs on one side. Either way, for the 4th and 5th hatchers you're going to want to switch the side you kill to break eggs on the opposite side. It is important to remember that at 35% ALL REMAINING EGGS will be broken so don't DPS too fast.
    Expect to hit his enrage timer, his enrage isn't too bad for awhile. Once your comfortable with the number of eggs remaining (5-6 hatchers max), go ahead and burn down the boss past 35%. Make sure you have someone picking up all the broken eggs if there were any still up. It's pretty much easy sailing from there.

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    My guild cannot get down this boss though we have tried many times.

    I think our main problem is that we can't kill the adds off quickly enough... our dps on the adds is one mage, hunter, rogue, and a pally tank, which isn't sufficient. We don't have a shadowpriest or 2nd rogue dps the adds. We suspect that our problems will disappear if we just add a second mage or warlock to powerfully AoE the dragonhawks. In the mean time, I was wondering if any groups had success without a surplus of powerful AoE, and could describe the strategy employed.


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    you could try to fokus the adds down on each side like we did.

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    The only fight where superior gear can hinder your progress.

    The fight boils down to only letting as many hatch, that your group can handle.

    That and people not standing in fire bombs. A well geared group will have to really go slow on the boss himself, to prevent being zerged to heck.


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