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Thread: Rate me for Heroics/Full Kara

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    Rate me for Heroics/Full Kara

    Hey everybody, I was just wondering if you could rate my gear for MTing full Kara and heroics. I've been through heroic Mech a couple times but anything in Hellfire Citadel is slamming me pretty hard.
    I've managed to tank Curator as well, but haven't been past that point, and was just wondering if I was ready, and if not what I can do to become ready.

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    Your gear is fine for the beginning of KZ. You might have a problem with Prince, but anything short of that, you've got enough gear for.

    You have too much Defense, though--replace one of your trinkets with a stamina trinket, and the Def gem in your bracers with a stamina gem, and you'll be better off.

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