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Thread: Another badge indecision (HELP!)

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    Another badge indecision (HELP!)

    So I have 35 badges saved (haven't done heroics in a while):

    Long term I would like to get pants/neck/wrist/cloak. But I am not sure what would make the most improvement early on (and I still won't likely be doing many heroics, most likely a ZA and/or a Kara clear each week, as we are starting to work into Gruul's).


    I am thinking about waiting for 35 more badges to get the pants (from Timewardens), then I don't have to worry about hitting Curator anymore (and would be a huge upgrade).

    The neck (from Barbed Choker) and/or wrist (from Vambraces of Courage) would be nice boosts in threat (and less mob dodge/parry).

    The cloak (from Devilshark), would be something that is just unreplacable - but all in all not an earth shattering upgrade.

    Help a tank out! I need some input for my indecisive mind.
    The beast is getting hungrier.

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    Berg's Tank Gear Rankings may be able to help with your decision.


    I would personally recommend starting with the items that you will not replace for a very long time. Cloak, Bracers, and Neck are all on the inexpensive side but are ranked near the very top of the available tank gear in the game for those slots. The cloak is a massive upgrade over Devilshark in my opinion, and is hands down the best tank cloak available currently.

    While I know it's tempting to go with the pants, if you are still planning on clearing Karazhan every week anyway and possibly Gruul as well, then you are going to have plenty of chances at Wrynn Dynasty or T4. In addition, that clear is going to give you 20 badges a week, so you may find yourself with enough badges very quickly.

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