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Thread: 2.3 Badge Rewards.

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    2.3 Badge Rewards.

    Ok i was wondering from you tanks out here what badge upgrades do you consider the best outta the upcoming 2.3.

    Im looking to figure out wich i should shoot for 1st and wich is gonna last the longest for me.

    Heres my armory for an idea of what i currently have : http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...las&n=Bodasafa

    Thanks for your input, and if its not to much trouble item links would be appreciated.
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    Difficult to say which will last you the longest without knowing what raid instances you'll be running.

    All the 2.3 BoJ rewards would be upgrades for you, so go for whichever seems most exciting to you first, and keep farming those badges until you can buy all of them.

    I'm personally very excited abou the [item]Unwavering Legguards[/item] and the [item]Brooch of Deftness[/item]. I'm definitely going to be picking up the bracers and cloak as well. I'm even considering grabbing two pairs of the legguards for different socket / enchant combinations.

    I have 119 badges in my bags right now, so I'm still farming.
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    at first i was shooting for cloak/neck/hands for the +hit and the armor on the cloak is nice compared to devilshark, might change my mind though and get bracers instead of cloak

    as for pants, i like them alot, but arent t5 almost as good?

    the chest seems nice to with all the dodge on it... so im stuck on what to do





    many different scenarios, please help me out :P

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