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Thread: badge rewards what to get

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    badge rewards what to get

    k here is my current tank gear

    cloak = devilshark
    gloves = maiden or t4
    belt = crimson belt off moroes
    bracers = vambraces of courage
    chest = aldor revered chest
    pants = timewarden
    neck = ceneraion neck

    now atm i am shooting at getting the badge cloak/necklace/gloves

    if i get chest or pants i can only get 1 more 35 badge item

    so it would either be chest/cloak or pants cloak

    i do like the gloves 12 more stam than current and 30 parry and 20 hit seems really nice... i can switch that out and get belt/cloak/neck

    any suggestions on what to get?

    atm though i just think 3 items is better than cloak/chest or pants imo

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    Pants for sure. Then wrist and neck.

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    are legs that much of an upgrade over t4 or wrynns?

    my thing was the neck gives 21 more stam than my current, i lose def and dodge, but i gain the expertise and hit

    cape seems like a huge upgrade, devilshark with alot more stam and armor...

    and the hands have hit, 12 more stam, but i would lose bv and def compared to my old ones.

    keep the suggestions coming please

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