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Thread: A suggestion..

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    A suggestion..

    hello everyone,
    i have got some badges, planning to farm a bit more before 2.3 hits the road.
    My profile is here:
    my guild doesnt pay visit to gruul\kara\maght no more, because we want to loot our vial from vashj, then move to kael'thas new home, then bt\hyjal.

    So, unlucky me, no t4 pieces, no panzathar, whatever else i may need from t1 instances.

    But 2.3 and the new heroic loots really comes in aid. I think the first piece of gear i will invest my Boj in is the tankadin chest.
    I know that the belt\cape are awesome, but i have still the blue chest, which is good, since i am not the mt, but i'd like to improve.
    What do you think?

    thanks in advance^^

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    up anyone?

    atm i got 70 badges..
    thx everyone

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