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Thread: Comments on my current setup

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    Comments on my current setup

    Hey first of all,

    First poster here, and I've been gearing up my toon for a while now and I've noticed a few things as I gear up and would like some comments, and thought this would be the right place to ask.


    That's my current setup, that's kinda my "hp" setup, and I more often use the Styleens-trinket than the Violet Badge.
    We've cleared SSC and Kael'thas left in The Eye.

    But what I'm wondering is.. I've seen my block growing and growing and my dodge/parry is getting lower. Is it time to socket differently and go for more avoidance thru sockets.. or should I just continue to increase my hitpoints?

    I've been reading a lot of this lately, but as in all things involving gearing up, there's not one "ideal" setup, there's always opinions everywhere, so I'd like to see a little discussion around this topic.

    Thanks for your time and your replies (hope I posted in the correct subforum).



    Edit: Bah, just saw that there was an Armory + Suggesions-subforum, can somebody please move this post?
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    I don't see any reason to put dodge and parry gems in, keep going on like this. When you get new drops put 12 stamina on them aswell. To much avoidance isn't good i'd say, you won't generate as much rage, leading to less tps. If your healers have a hard time, talk to them and maybe add some dodge. But Stamina all the way for me .
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