hey, my guild is 5/6 ssc and 3/4 tk and working on vashj. i just got hammer tonight.
are there any clear upgrades from ssc/tk OR zulaman/badges in 2.3 for my dps gear?
defender legs/shoulders dont want to drop for me, and niether does tsunami. any other gem/enchant advice would be nice.
and yes, i gemmed 2 slots for hit and have surefooted. since im gonna go 2.7/2.6 wep speed(hammer/s2 slicer) with WW change i dont want below ~10% hit without talent for rage gen. thats personal pref. feel free to disprove me.
heres my armory(misclicked the 1 pt in fury into blood craze >_>)
yes im in zerker