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Thread: Hit VS Expertise

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    Hit VS Expertise

    i have plenty of badges saved up and right now i am going to go for the

    expertise/hit necklace, its a huge 21 stamina upgrade over my tanking neck, the CE revered one

    the tanking cloak, its devilshark with lots of armor...

    and well, i have vambraces of courage, and compared to the heroic badge bracers they share the same amount of stamina, but adds expertise

    i have maiden and t4 gloves, but the tanking heroic badge gloves intrigue me with the 12 more stam than maidens and the 30parry/20hit sounds nice..

    so what im asking whats better 12 stamina and 20 hit, vs the 21 expertise?

    does %hit affect the mobs dodge/parries or just affects misses against them?

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    Hit will cover miss. Expertise will cover parry/dodge. If you are going for threat, both are just as valuable however expertise also lowers the incoming damage due to it negating parry.

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