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Thread: Help me with my Tank Gear...Please..

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    Help me with my Tank Gear...Please..

    Hey guys and girls...Need some help with my outfit here...am about to start MT in Kara now and need to know if and what i need to change in my gear....I know i need more Stamina but dont know how and where to get it...Any suggestions is welcome...


    Thanks alot guys/girls


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    You look pretty good to start Kara. I would suggest running Heroics and picking up the Heroic Badges Shield and the Autoblocker Trinket. Also, pick up the Sun-Eater while you're running Heroics.

    Your spec could use some work, but other then that, you look well-prepared.


    Here's a basic spec for tanking raid bosses. Your current spec is already pretty decent for Heroics and 5-mans, but it's inhibiting your overall threat out-put and mitigation.
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    Regem your gear with all +12 stam gems (re-gemming your leggings alone will give you +24 stam). The only exception would be the armguards, which I would gem with a +def +stam hybrid gem. Get a [item]Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer[/item] and gem it with another +def +stam hybrid. Forget the other socket bonuses. (check out my armory for gemming, as we have almost the same gear) Replace your stormpike insignia with [item]Darkmoon Card: Vengeance[/item] or [item]Regal Protectorate[/item] (if you haven't already done that quest).

    Check out my armory. I'm pretty much at the same gear level as you, maybe below. I'm off-tanking Kara; not MT (my guild has much better geared tanks), but you should be able to tank the first half of Kara in gear like mine, pretty sure.


    Also your shield is missing the +18 stam enchant. I didn't check the others, but make sure you're fully enchanted.

    *edit - My rule of thumb is I only go for socket bonuses if I don't lose more stam than I'm gaining in def or stam (approximately). Good examples are the armguards and the destroyer, which are both just one gem slot. Three gem slots would make the decision a lot harder, and I would probably stam gem over any bonus in that case (if there was more than one non-blue gem slot - most tank gear has more non-blue slots than blue slots).

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