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Thread: 1.5/2.6

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    I have just switched over to fury for raid DPS and am looking for a new offhand weapon. Currently using Fireguard for lack of a better option. When 2.3 comes out I have the option of getting the Gladiator's Hacker/Cleaver but am struggling to decide which I should get.
    The Hacker is quicker for a more sustained rage generation rate but with the WW change a lower hitting OH. With a 2.6 OH speed my WW would hit harder but I would need a lot more hit to keep a steady flow of rage. If I were to use the 2.6 what numbers in the hit rating should I be looking for? For reference I have the Decapitator in my MH.

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    In 2.3, [item]The Decapitator[/item] and [item]Fool's Bane[/item] will be One-Handed.

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