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Thread: new expertise gear

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    new expertise gear

    looking over most of the gear, i know this new stat is going to be very valuable, but seriously what is out there? not including anything past TK or SSC btw

    mallet of the tides
    the used to be rogue/feral LC rep ring
    shapeshifters, now has 20expertise

    and the 2 new heroic badge rewards right?

    bracers and necklace

    i've listed 4 items, 2 of them dont have tanking stats, the previous LC ring, will now have 20expertise, but only has i believe 15stam, to lazy to look it up, would expertise on that be worth same or better than the ring off of arcatraz end boss? or ring off of aran? and then you have the heroic necklace which does have the highest stamina as a neck i believe, and wow, expertise and hit rating, what more can ya ask for, but would that neck really be worth more than the necklace off maiden, or the cenerion reputation ring??

    the bracers have good expertise, same stamina as a 12 stam attunemen bracers to, is the 30block value worth giving up compared to the expertise?

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    I'm aiming for the bracers and neck (don't have maidens), that with the 6 from skills I think (hope my maths is right) that will put me at 4.1% reduction in dodges and parries.

    I'll lose some block value and defense - but then I'm potentially gaining 8% more damage and threat - with the hit from the neck I'll probably go back to wearing two "tank" rings as well - which will make up for the loss in defense from changing necks.

    Sure you're sacrificing some other stats but for fights you're overgeared for or aggro sensitive fights or low melee hitting mobs I see expertise as a really good stat. Only downside is that it's going to give me more bag space problems
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shorty View Post
    Only downside is that it's going to give me more bag space problems
    Word . Arena gear, avoidance gear, stamina gear etc. etc. etc. lol
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    ...resistance gear... sbv gear... potions....consumables....weapon swaps....

    I normally go into a raid with 80/84 slots >:T

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    I am a firm believer that itemization will give you what you need for your level of tanking.

    While expertise will be a very nice boost to threat, the 3% you'll gain from talents will be more than enough until you start running into expertise gear with other tanking stats.

    Use the mallet, use the badge items but, don't sacrifice other stats to get yourself capped. When you need it, you'll get it.

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