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Thread: Def and Resil -- Some magic Combo?

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    Def and Resil -- Some magic Combo?

    There is a topic in "offcial" druid forums about being able to combine Def and Resil to get an effective non-critable equivalent to 490 Def . (Yes I know the druid number is NOT 490)

    Is this true/possible for warriors and how do you calculate the combined effect?

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    You need a combination of resilience, defense, and talents that reduce crits by 5.6%

    39.4 resilience rating = 1% crit reduction
    2.366 defense rating = 1 defense = .04% crit reduction.

    Druids have talents to reduce it by 3%.

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    It is possible, and helpful in some situations. For instance, for Hydross resist sets, it is quite difficult to stay crit immune and build up maxed out resistance. Resilience is a cheaper stat for crit reduction. The reason Druids use more resilience though is because defense only benefits them in added chance to be missed and dodge chance, in addition to the crit chance reduction. Agility is a better stat for them, because it provides armor, dodge, and crit. Warriors tend to prefer defense because it keeps avoidance above a minimum to aid in crushing blow prevention via shield block.

    The easiest way to calculate it is to open up the "Defenses" tab in your character sheet, then add the numbers given under "defense" and "resilience." If they add up to -5.6% (Druids get 3% for free, so 2.6% from defense and resilience), then you are immune to crits against a raid boss.

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    or you can use tankpoints, It can work out your def and resil and tell your if you can be crit or not.

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