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Thread: Another just hit 70 :P

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    Another just hit 70 :P

    Hey all,

    First post, fresh registration but i've been perusing the boards for awhile learning what I can and reading the stickies and such.

    So here's the deal. I'm fresh to hit 70, first toon to 70. I did a considerable amount of what most people call "hardcore" raiding pre-tbc on a druid, meaning I was a healbot :P Decided I wanted to see raiding from the other side of the board. The guild I'm currently running with is extremely casual and just raids Kara on the weekends, so I'm trying to gear up to start OTing in there and hopefully pick up some good upgrades.

    From what I understand about the combat table and from the stickies, I need roughly 12k hp / 12k armor / ~20% dodge/block/parry each and 490 defense.

    Here is a link to my armory page:

    I know that I have alot of green pieces, but its rather hard to get guildies to be motivated enough to help me run stuff and LFG always seems to be pretty dead when I have the time to go do something. My professions were recently reset to Mining/Engineering in hopes that someday I can craft the helm.

    As I currently sit I'm still a bit undergeared for Kara and am wondering where I can get some cheap upgrades to help boost my stats enough to get in there. Im kinda pressed for money but have no reason I couldn't go out and farm some if I need to get it. I've been doing as much as I can with groups and tanking and I seem to be able to generate a stable 650-700 TPS.. I'm not really to sure how to gauge that based on the gear I have and what other people can do.

    If anyone has any comments / criticism / recommendations for me please let me know.


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    Your first step should be the Felsteel set to fill the gaps, The helm and gloves
    [item]felsteel helm[/item]
    [item]Felsteel Gloves[/item]
    Shoulld help fill the gap's in your defense.

    Next, a new weapon is in order, I reccomend following the chain that starts in Shadowmoon Valley http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=10680 to get [item]Grom'tor's charge[/item] A couple of bits are group quests, but there should be other folk doing it as well.

    Apart from that, You look set to go, 20% each for dodge/block/parry is a little high I hink, as long as you have 27.2% combined then you can push crushing blows off the hit table when you have shield block active(learn to love your shield block, it will save you arse in raids)

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