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Thread: Pre-Kara Gear List.

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    Pre-Kara Gear List.

    Ok i really tired to read thru some of the other posts to see if there were similar things to what i have wrote for my guilds website, but it just takes to dam long lol. Its so much easier to copy and paste what i have wrote and if it helps just one person the great im happy. Considering this is usless information to me cause im past this point, the few threads i read on Pre-Kara gear were really a waste of time for me.

    So heres what i have compiled enjoy!

    For the Warrior Tank-

    Boots of the Colossus -First boss Heroic Mana tombs -Bring your shadow res. gear, buy cheap greens off the AH. You need around 225 Shadow with a Pally or Priest buff to make it happen.

    Jadeskull Breastplate - 4th boss Non-Heroic or Heroic Mech - Bring your Fire res. gear.

    Breastplate of the Bold - Last boss Non-Heroic or Heroic ARC- I never got this to drop for me but its good if you cant get the Jadeskull,but go with Jade if you can imo.

    Vindicators Harbuck - Revered rep with Aldor- also not bad, but not as good as the 2 listed above.

    Shoulders of the Bold - Last boss in Non-Heroic or Heroic Shadow Labs - It has a very bad drop rate, took me 30 runs past exualted with lower city no joke /cry - good luck. But its the best shoulder till T4 or Late Kara.

    Figurine of the Colossus - Last boss in Non-Heroic or Heroic Shattered Halls - Great block trinket i still use it.

    Gnomeran Auto-Blocker 600 - From heroic badge rewards and well worth them imo.

    Felsteel Set BS craftable set. - Great for tanks and the mats arnt bad. If you arnt a BS you dont get the STR bounus but be smart and socket at least 1 +8 STR gem in each peice, i had this complete set for the longest time until it was replaced by Kara gear, until then its the tops!

    Devilshark Cape - Last boss in Non-heroic or Heroic Steamvaults. Good drop rate and prob the best tanking cloak in the game imo, Bongoose of the Shifting Ages or somthing like that is comparable but not better imo, from COT-Black Moras.

    Crest of the Shat'ar - Exualted rep with Tempest keep, one of the best rep rewards for a tank in the game. Its well worth the grind i still use it and consider it a better shield than the one from heroic badges. And speaking of badges..Heroic Mech is the best instance to grind heroic badges and it gives Shat'ar rep. Botanica yields about 2300 rep , Arc around 2000 rep and Mech gives 1500 rep all on regular runs. O and did i metion its a epic

    Warp-storm Warblade - Tho your atlasloot may not show it ive seen it on thottbot and its just under the Kings Defender even tho its a blue its better than the epic Suneater. Drops off the last boss in Heroic Mana Tombs- a very tough boss-I never downed him tho it wasnt a lack of trying lmao.

    Suneater - nice sword from the last boss in Heroic Mech, thro a +20 str enchant on it and your golden dont waste the mats and money on Mongoose save it for Kings Defender the "be all" tanking wep thus far in the game from the Chess Event in kara.

    Honors Call - Exualted rep with Honor Hold- I was working for it until i got Suneater wich imo is better.

    Crystalblade of the Dranei - Bought off the AH for 100g nice blue till u can get a hold of one of the others above.

    Strength of the Untamed - Revered Rep with CE, coilfang rep. About the best neck you can get till Maiden in Kara. The one from the Heroic Badges is nice but i think this one is better.

    Warlord's Iron Vambracers of the Champion - there green but dam good a lvl 70 green that can be obtained thru the AH for prob around 7g. i got mine as a random trash drop in regular Shattered Halls one day and put +12 stam on it.

    Sha'tari Vindicator's Waistguard - A quest reward from a long chain starting if i remember correctly a collection quest for the consortium in Stormspire in Netherstorm, Check it out on thottbot or whatever search engine you use to get more info. But its the best you can get till the one from Moroes in Kara

    Craftable Epics:

    -Bracers of the Green Fortress- I got these to replace my Warlord's ones after Huntsman in Kara refused to give Vambracers of Courage up(wich are the best of all imo). I cant make them but if you do the research and get the mats im sure you can find somone to craft them. Thack made mine, wich i still keep for the Dodge in situational fights.
    These come from Blacksmiths.

    -Khorium Gyro Balanced Destroyer- (Gun) Is probably the best ranged wepon for a tank as it has the most Stam. Its a engineering craftable with a lotta mats but worth getting at some point. It also has a socket you can thro a +12 stam gem in.

    There are a few other craftable epics like Helm of the Saltward Defender - But i dont think its worth it, and none of the others really sparked my intrest. Theres a nice pair of epic boots Red Havoc Boots but you have to be a BS to wear them and you have to have the pattern i think and it comes from SSC.

    For ppl who want a easy "in the mean time" solutions for alternatives to what i have listed check the AH.

    Look for "of the Champion" this gear has everything a tank could want. Stam, STR, DEF and nice armor.

    More specifically for lvl 70 greens look for "Warlord's Iron" "of the Champion" Like the bracers i listed.

    I belive this covers all the slots, Let me know if you have any Q's and ill be glad to help with strats on bosses or ways to get the gear i have listed in any way i can.

    This of course is just my take on reasoning for differant gear, take what i have said and make your own conclusions.

    I hope this has helped.-Boda
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    Starting Tankadin Gearing Guide

    I've written one for our Paladin tanks, likely to be fairly similar. Makes sense to group it with yours:

    Starting Tankadin Gearing Guide
    by Bizzlewick <No Quarter> Blackwater Raiders

    This guide is designed to help you max out all the gear available to you as a starter tank BEFORE you begin tanking in Kara. Let’s assume that the easiest gear to obtain is purchased gear. Next easiest is gear from quest-rewards, the 3rd easiest will be gear that requires a certain reputation level to achieve, and the hardest (sometimes) is drops and Badge-gear. Your first goal is to get yourself in blues and achieve the basic tanking minimums: you need 490 defense to become crit-immune, as much stamina as you can get (let’s break 10k base ASAP), and ultimately 102.4&#37; total mitigation to avoid crushing blows (with Holy Shield up). This gear will put you well on your way.

    Purchasable / Crafted:
    - Weapon: Your first purchase is to get yourself a nice tanking weapon. As tankadins we use caster weapons with spelldmg on them. Spelldmg FTW! The first purchasable BOE tankadin weapon is the Crystalforged Sword. If you can’t find this weapon on the AH it’s gonna be tough to tank anything well. You can get away with using some spelldmg enchants until you can find this, or until you get the rep for the Continuum Blade (see rep section). This weapon is actually slightly better than the Continuum Blade, but is harder to find, as it is a world-drop.
    - Felsteel Set (Helm / Gloves / Leggings): Buy Felsteel Helm and Felsteel Gloves immediately. Get the Felsteel Leggings until you can get the Timewarden's Leggings from KoT rep.
    - Shield: Shield of the Wayward Footman is great, but may be hard to find as it is a world drop. Get it until you can get the quest-drop Netherwing Protector's Shield from SMV.
    - Ring: Band of Impenetrable Defenses served me well for a long, long time; hard to find, rather expensive also.
    - Wrists: Bracers of the Green Fortress, epic, difficult to make, expensive.
    - Cape: Cloak of Eternity, best starter tanking cloak, easily made and bought, great stats.
    - Trinket: Figurine - Dawnstone Crab, if you are a Jewel Crafter,
    Darkmoon Card: Vengeance, best +stam trinket, takes awhile to collect.
    - Helm: Tankatronic Goggles, if you happen to be an engineer.
    - Misc: ‘Of the Champion’ Gear: Many of these items are upgrades to generic green ‘of the champion’ gear that you may already have. Filling in slots you’re having trouble upgrading is an extremely smart idea.

    Quest Reward Gear:
    - Helm: Myrmidon's Headdress, Steamvault Quest
    - Neckpiece: Mark of the Ravenguard, from Achidoun quest.
    - Shield: Netherwing Protector's Shield from a SMV quest.
    - Wrists: Sha'tari Wrought Armguards
    - Waist: Sha'tari Vindicator's Waistguard
    - Boots: Flesh Beast's Metal Greaves
    - Ring: Andormu's Tear
    - Trinket: Dabiri's Enigma

    Rep Gear:
    - Weapon: Sometimes rep-gear is far easier to obtain. Arguably the first thing you need is a good tanking weapon. The first rep-available paladin tanking weapon is the Continuum Blade from Keepers of Time rep, revered. This should be your first goal.
    - Leggings: Thankfully, the second you achieve revered rep with KoT you also get a 2nd excellent tanking item Timewarden's Leggings.
    - Neck: The Strength of the Untamed from Cenarion Expedition rep, revered, in Zangarmarsh.
    - Awesome Tanking Weapon: Gavel of Unearthed Secrets is an epic tanking hammer, and will serve you for a very, very long time. Requires exalted with Lower City.
    - Shield: Crest of the Sha'tar, best rep shield, requires exalted with Shatar.
    Ogri'la Aegis, good, but Crest of the Sha'tar is better ultimately.
    - Chest: Vindicator's Hauberk is the best chestpiece for a paladin until the new 2.3 chestpiece, we simply need the mitigation. You can use Breastplate of the Righteous until you get your rep up.

    Badge of Justice Gear:
    - Libram: Libram of Repentance, it’s hard to be uncrushable without this early on. Get it.
    - Shield: Best until you can buy the Azure-Shield of Coldarra with Badges which is slightly better.

    Dungeon Drops:
    - Shoulders: Spaulders of the Righteous from Botanica off Laj, 2nd to last boss. Run Botanica enough to get these. You’ll be earning Shatar rep (for the shield!) and you will not replace these for a long, long time.
    - Chest: Jade-Skull Breastplate, excellent, if you can get it to drop <.<
    Breastplate of the Righteous good until you want to do serious tanking
    - Trinket: Figurine of the Colossus will go a long way towards getting you to uncrushable, far moreso than Adamantine Figurine. Get Figurine of the Colossus from last boss of Shattered Halls, and while you’re at it he might drop Gauntlets of the Righteous.
    - Gloves: Gauntlets of the Righteous
    - Cape: Devilshark Cape, also off Warlord Kalithresh in SV
    - Rings: Elementium Band of the Sentry from Arcatraz
    Dath'Remar's Ring of Defense from Mechanar
    Iron Band of the Unbreakable from Old Hillsbrad / Durnehold
    - Shield: Aegis of the Sunbird, excellent drop.
    Shield of the Void

    Enchants & Rep Enchants:
    Here are the best tanking enchants to get, no matter what gear you have you should always max out your gear enchants.

    Rep Enchants:
    Rep enchants can make all the difference, there’s only a few to speak of:
    - KoT Helm Enchant: Glyph of the Defender, 90g and worth every copper.
    - Aldor Shoulder Enchant: Two available, one at Honored, and one at Exalted:
    Honored: Inscription of Warding
    Exalted: Greater Inscription of Warding
    - Scryer Shoulder Enchants:
    Honored: Inscription of the Knight
    Exalted: Greater Inscription of the Knight

    Leggings Armor: (made from leatherworking)
    - Clefthide Leg Armor, for rare-quality armor.
    - Nethercleft Leg Armor for those Wrynn Dynasty Greaves and other epics.

    Purchasable Enchants:
    The rest of these will require you to seek the services of an enchanter.
    - Chest: Enchant Chest - Exceptional Health, +150 hp.
    - Cloak: Enchant Cloak - Dodge, +12 dodge rating, offers the most mitigation.
    - Wrists: Formula: Enchant Bracer - Fortitude, +12 Stam
    - Gloves: Enchant Gloves - Major Spellpower + 20 spelldmg
    - Weapon: Enchant Weapon - Spell Power +40 spelldmg
    - Shield: Enchant Shield - Major Stamina +18 stam
    - Boots: Enchant Boots - Fortitude +12 stam

    Early on you want to maximize set-bonuses if they help you to get to uncrushable. Once you can stack stam, do it. There are three gems we can use to do this generally:
    - Solid Star of Elune (blue) +12 stam
    - Enduring Talasite (green) +4 Defense Rating and +6 Stamina
    - Subtle Living Ruby (red) +8 dodge

    Lastly, here is a Crushability-calculation macro. Use this to test gear pieces which will allow you to judge whether X piece or Y piece will get you closer to uncrushable or not (this macro assumes you have 5/5 Anticipation):
    Uncrushable Macro:
    /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Need 102.4 combined avoidance. Currently at:",0.8,0.8,1)
    /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(GetDodgeChance()+Get BlockChance() + GetParryChance() +5+(GetCombatRatingBonus(CR_DEFENSE_SKILL) + 20)*0.04,1,0.5,0);
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    Nice insight m8, I want to start making a pala, got 2 wars and if I ever get 70 with it before 3.0 I will have a look @ this .
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    Here's the article I used a couple of patch's ago. Its a bit dated but still has some useful info.


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