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Thread: In regards to the PTR: Executioner?

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    In regards to the PTR: Executioner?

    Hey folks,

    I've got a bit of a question for those of you on the PTR currently.

    I remember early theorycrafting regarding the execution enchant, stating that were it to proc as often as mongoose, it might be the ideal "threat" enchant, to match Mongoose's "avoidance" enchant.

    If any of you have managed to get ahold of it, how often would you say the enchant procs? Do you notice much of a difference?

    I'm trying to decide on if I should save up mats now, so any opinions/testing would be very helpful.


    DOH! Sorry guys, I meant to post this in general, but apparently lost my way. Cider, could you possibly move this thread if it's not too much trouble? If it is, I'll repost it on general, and we can just get rid of this one.
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    Here's a link to some video footage:



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