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Thread: Over 9,000!

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    Over 9,000!

    We set two records yesterday. First, we reached over 900.0 users on our forums at the same time (check the new record!). Second, over 9,000 unique visitors to the site, which leaves us only 1,000 away from our pre-January goal.

    And we didn't asplode.

    Related Note: The server issues seemed to be the result of the mail server and a program creating infinite loops (SpamAssassin). Since we really don't use the mail server, both were shut down. Not to say we'll be hiccup-free, just smoother, as we saw yesterday.

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    GZ Admin/Mods

    As a new member (and one who's been viewing the boards for a small while) I'm not surprised at your success.

    The stats are there and so too is the the basic common sense stuff.

    In fact.. more of the basics on Trash mob fights are perhaps needed.. tanking's not easy at all.. I know all the info can be found on the forum more or less but a sticky on 'how to tank multiple mobs and it not be your fault when things go tits up + especially if you don't have a clue' thread may help loads of peeps. !!

    Maybe some videos.. too many to Bossfights to count on YouTube.. but the trash fight is a dark art without restrained dps and players who follow the marking...you know what I mean.

    Anyways GZ again..have told a few tanks on the Aerie Peak EU realm about this site and they've all had good things to say so well forkin done.

    Keep at it big time )

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