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Thread: Craftable DPS/Tanking Gears

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    Craftable DPS/Tanking Gears

    I was wondering about what the best craftable gear that is around for us warriors.
    I have to bad gear to be admitted into the raidings after Gruul in my guild and the server I am on is abit to lowly populated to get PUGs to do heroics without beeing a tank (which I'm not) so was wondering what to farm/craft!

    Problem with most crafted weapons/armours is that they are BoP meaning that the crafter himself can only use them..... I'm leveling my BlackSMithing right nw but have not decided which road in there I should choose.... Armour/Weapon and so on so if you have any comments they are welcome!

    I 'borrowed' this from Berginyon's Berg's Tank Gear Rankings Thread
    So that means that the below items are mainly for tanking.

    I will try to add the plans links as well so we all can see what maerials are needed for the crafting.

    1H Weapon
    [item]Blazefury[/item] 97.5dps 1.6 Sword 28STA +1.1%hit TP:2655 [TANK]
    Blacksmithing: [item]Plans: Blazefury[/item]
    http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=28427 (crafted master swordsmith)

    [item]Blazeguard[/item] 91.2dps 1.6 Sword 25STA +1.1%hit TP:2375 [TANK]
    Blacksmithing: [item]Plans: Blazeguard[/item]
    http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=28426 (crafted master swordsmith)

    [item]Fireguard[/item] 84.4dps 1.6 Sword 23STA +1.0%hit TP:2209 [TANK]
    Blacksmithing: [item]Plans: Fireguard[/item]
    http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=28425 (crafted master swordsmith)

    [item]Gyro-balanced Khorium Destroyer[/item] 26STA+ TP:2209(1560 base) *top stamina* [TANK]
    Engineering: [item]Recipe: Gyro-balanced Khorium Destroyer[/item]
    The Armory (crafted)

    [item]Ornate Khorium Rifle[/item] 0STA +0.8%hit TP:823 [TANK]
    Engineering: [item]Recipe: Ornate Khorium Rifle[/item]
    The Armory (crafted)

    [item]Bracers of the Green Fortress[/item] 39STA TP:6425 [TANK]
    Blacksmithing: [item]Plans: Bracers of the Green Fortress[/item]
    http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=23538 (crafted)

    [item]Swiftsteel Bracers[/item] 32STA TP:4438 [TANK/DPS]
    Blacksmithing: [item]Plans: Swiftsteel Bracers[/item]
    http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=32568 (crafted - BOE Black Temple)

    [item]Belt of the Guardian[/item] 48STA+ TP:9492(8194 base) [TANK]
    Blacksmithing: [item]Plans: Belt of the Guardian[/item]
    http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=30034 (crafted - BOP Blacksmith SSC)
    * 2 gems, pally stats

    [item]Red Belt of Battle[/item] 21STA+ +0.9%hit TP:5511(4213 base) [TANK/DPS]
    Blacksmithing: [item]Plans: Red Belt of Battle[/item]
    http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=30032 (crafted - BOP Blacksmith SSC)
    * 2 gems


    [item]Felsteel Gloves[/item] 27STA+ TP:7886(6588 base) [TANK]
    Blacksmithing: [item]Plans: Felsteel Gloves[/item]
    http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=23517 (crafted)

    [item]Gauntlets of the Iron Tower[/item] 30STA+ TP:7281(5983 base) [TANK]
    Blacksmithing: [item]Plans: Gauntlets of the Iron Tower[/item]
    http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=23532 (crafted)

    [item]Swiftsteel Shoulders[/item] 29STA +1.2%hit TP:5864 [TANK/DPS]
    Blacksmithing: [item]Plans: Swiftsteel Shoulders[/item]
    http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=32570 (crafted - BOP Blacksmith Black Temple)
    * 35 haste rating

    [item]Red Havoc Boots[/item] 49STA TP:9927 [TANK]
    Blacksmithing: [item]Plans: Red Havoc Boots[/item]
    http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=30031 (crafted - BOP Blacksmith SSC)

    [item]Boots of the Protector[/item] 48STA TP:8379 [TANK]
    Blacksmithing: [item]Plans: Boots of the Protector[/item]
    http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=30033 (crafted - BOP Blacksmith SSC)
    * pally stats

    [item]Bulwark of Ancient Kings[/item] 56STA+ +1.6%hit TP:10926(8979 base) [TANK]
    Blacksmithing: [item]Plans: Bulwark of Ancient Kings[/item]
    http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=28485 (crafted, armorsmithing-only)
    * 3 gem slots, special ability

    [item]Bulwark of Kings[/item] 55STA+ +1.5%hit TP:10082(8135 base) [TANK/DPS]
    Blacksmithing: [item]Plans: Bulwark of Kings[/item]
    http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=28484 (crafted, armorsmithing-only)
    * 3 gem slots, special ability

    [item]Breastplate of Kings[/item] 46STA+ +1.3%hit TP:8761(6814 base) [TANK/DPS]
    Blacksmithing: [item]Plans: Breastplate of Kings[/item]
    http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=28483 (crafted, armorsmithing-only)
    * 3 gem slots, special ability

    [item]Heavy Earthforged Breastplate[/item] 36STA+ TP:8434(6487 base) [TANK]
    Blacksmithing: [item]Plans: Heavy Earthforged Breastplate[/item]
    http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=30074 (crafted, armorsmithing-only)
    * 3 gem slots

    [item]Helm of the Stalwart Defender[/item] 47STA+ TP:10092(8145 base) [TANK]
    Blacksmithing: [item]Plans: Helm of the Stalwart Defender[/item]
    http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=23535 (crafted)
    * 3 gem slots

    [item]Felsteel Helm[/item] 27STA+ TP:9393(7716 base) [TANK]
    Blacksmithing: [item]Plans: Felsteel Helm[/item]
    http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=23519 (crafted)
    * 3 gem slots, set bonus for blacksmith

    [ITEM]Tankatronic Goggles[/ITEM] [TANK]
    Engineering: [ITEM]Schematics: Tankatronic Goggles[/ITEM]

    [item]Felsteel Leggings[/item] 39STA+ TP:10256(8309 base) [TANK]
    Blacksmithing: [item]Plans: Felsteel Leggings[/item]
    http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=23518 (crafted)

    [item]Cloak of Eternity[/item] 36STA TP:3891 [TANK]
    Tailoring: [item]Pattern: Cloak of Eternity[/item]
    http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=24253 (crafted)

    [item]Resolute Cape[/item] 30STA TP:2802 [TANK]
    Tailoring: [item]Pattern: Resolute Cape[/item]
    http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=24258 (crafted)

    [item]Cloak of Darkness[/item] 25STA+ TP:2380(1731 base) [TANK/DPS]
    Tailoring: [item]Pattern: Cloak of Darkness[/item]
    http://www.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=33122 (crafted)

    Done some changes and additions as you all have posted. Please help me with updating what should be marked with TANK and/or DPS ([TEMP/DPS]).

    PS - WHy can't I get the recipes to engineering to work with links ?!?!?!?!?
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    No1 have any input here?

    Would be nice to have your input about craftables worthy to create. Some are real shiat but some are quite nice.

    Im Arms specced with 15 points in prot to be able to tank most normal instances and offtank heroics.

    Added plans links above....
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    Under helm:
    [ITEM]Tankatronic Goggles[/ITEM]

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    Some of those require [item]Nether Vortex[/item] To craft, which only drop in SSC and TK, The BoE ones could cost up to 2k gold for them, whilst the BoP ones(like the Bulwark of Ancient kings) would require for you to actually be in these places to get them.

    A few of the pieces you have linked are more paladin pieces as well, So it might be a good idea to find Blues with more focussed Warrior tanking stats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adrenalize View Post
    A few of the pieces you have linked are more paladin pieces as well, So it might be a good idea to find Blues with more focussed Warrior tanking stats.

    The [ITEM]Belt of the Guardian[/ITEM] has pally stuff on it, but it is the 4th rated tanking belt in the game, and the best crafted you can get.

    8194 base Tankpoints, 9492 all gem'd up.

    The [ITEM]Crimson Girdle of the Indomitable[/ITEM] (Moroes) is rated at:

    6692 base Tankpoints, 7990 all gem'd up.

    That is a pretty big jump. The next best belt drops from Leo, then the top two are in BT.

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    I was goin to get Belt of the Guardian crafted even though my guild isnt anywhere near SSC...but i decided to hold out for the new heroic badge belt looks even sexier

    on the DPS side....What do you think about the Cloak of Darkness? is it worth the time or trouble?

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    For tanking-

    Bracers of the green fort are good if you cant get the ones off huntsman in kara.

    All of the felsteel set is good until you can get replacments.

    The epic helm Saltward Defender and the Iron tower gloves are probably not worth all the mats and money. Stick with the felsteel peices till you get kara epics or T4 gear.

    Gryo- Balanced Khorium Destroyer (gun) is a good craftable for tanks worth having, imo.

    The Red Havoc boots i belive you must be a BS with the plans to make and wear them, because i belive there bop when made. And so is the blue chest for sure its bop i know i made it for myself back in the day. I would definatly check some of these items you listed to make sure they are not Bop when made, save yourself some headache when you go to have them made.

    I never knew about the cloak of eternity but it looks nice with low mats, but the Devilshark cape for tanking is better from last boss in Steamvaults,imo.

    Really the best gear for tanking to be doing well in gruul or later comes from running kara, so my advice get in there.
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    Just for clarity:

    Both ranged weapons are crafted by Engineers rather than Blacksmiths. Although, you don't need to be an Engineer to use them.
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    most of the craftable gear u listed is crap for tanking

    the eng goggles:: better than t4 imo, hop on those good hit on them

    the belt of the guardian:: blows the moroes belt away, when badge gear
    comes in 2.3 then get that one, but i sport botg

    Blazefury:: better than kings defender for overal dps/threat, next upgrade

    red havoc boots:: awesome boots, require u to get the pattern and vortexs,
    but best boots till u hit solarian in tk, boots of the resiliant

    Gyro-balanced Khorium Destroyer:: must have for tanks, awesome stam, and
    a socket for w/e u want

    the rest of that gear is not worth crafting imo, especially if u are in kz,ssc,tk u can wait for the upgrades, the ones i listed however are the best pieces to craft, not so much the blazeguard, although recently with all the vortexs going by ive been thinking about it, hope this info is useful to you, POICE.

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    @ Shotty

    The topic was for best craftable gear ...not best over all

    and while we are "waiting for upgrades" what are we supposed to be wearing? hmmm?

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    The BS 1h Axe or Mace is better for PvE as a Dual Wield Main Han weapon.
    The 1h Sword is the best OH, but with The Decapitator and Illhoof Mace both one handed (not Main Hand) in 2.3 why make a good OH.... .

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    The main posts have been about tank craftable gears. I would like to know more about DPS ones.....

    Regarding the [item]Helm of the Stalwart Defender[/item], ([item]Plans: Helm of the Stalwart Defender[/item]) I get that one crafted and it only took me 3-4 hours of farming to get it more or less as Im a miner and had all the ores and Primal Earthalready. The cost for me to get it crafted was 120G.

    So I think I got it off cheap

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    * Bump *

    * BUMP *

    Still would like input to craftable items.

    v. 2.3 Craftables are interesting as well :-)

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