After a particularly frustrating string of matches in 5s, we dropped about 60 points, I decided to try out sword spec. So far, it seems ok. I have not been extremely impressed, but the extra burst has helped out in some situations. Our team still faces issues from the 4 dps team. This brings me to a couple points.

First, if you are playing high rated arena, you should play more than one day a week. Even if you are Powertrip, you will run into teams that have your number. If you are forced to keep queing against them, you will end up dropping 60 points like we did. Whereas if you could stop after losing one or two, you can come back later in the week without facing that same demon team.

Secondly, forming a team mid season and only playing one game a week leads to trouble. The problem is even with all star players; you do not gel as a team. Arena is not about an individual effort. Arena is about the effort and coordination of every one involved. If you don't play together a lot and learn every ones strengths and weaknesses, it is extremely hard to break even 2k. A great example of this is my 3s team vs my 5s team. My 3s team has all star players, but we have played together since BC came out. We formed last week, and have run 30-4. Two of the losses were because our mage disced. On the other hand you have my 5s team. There is no sense of teamwork, swagger, or confidence. The team is like a limp noodle. We only play once a week. No one knows how any one else plays, and it is killing us. Every one on the team has been a gladiator, and the core of the team broke 2200 last season and in the first half of this season, before we restructured. I.E we lost our elemental shaman, 2 priests, and warlock when we transferred.

Hopefully we will get some more practice in the upcoming weeks, and finally gel like we should. The team has unlimited potential, but is missing that one thing to bring it all together. I'll keep ya updated on the progress.