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Thread: Question on Tank points

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    Question on Tank points


    I've read a lot of times here and on the WoW forums how the curators legs and even timewarden's legging are better than the t4 legs and how much the t4 legs suck.

    I've also read that the Bulwark of the ancient kings I'm wearing is better than t4 or even t5 chest.

    Yet, I'm using the tankpoint addon, and both the legs and the T4 chest are a significant tank point upgrade over timewarden and Bulwark of ancient kings. Is that normal ? Does it mean that Tankpoint gives greater value to avoidance stats since my tank is built almost exclusively on EH?

    Here's the armory link : http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...in&n=Damorynin

    Thank you

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    Generally it goes like this:

    T6 > BoAk > T5 > BoK = T4

    The Blacksmithing chestpieces are excellent for threat and effective health, but if you want a little more damage reduction go for the Tier pieces.

    I wouldn't say that Timewarden's Leggings are better that T4 legs. You lose too much armor for the amount of stamina you'd get. That and T4 has additional stats that not only increase your total damage reduction, but your threat. If we'd compare Wrynn Dynasty Greaves with T4, it's a matter of personal choice. The 4 piece T4 set bonus is really nice for those massive Shield Slams and has extra threat plus a small amount of dodge/defense/agility, but Wrynn's have about 300 extra hit points.

    I always tell my tanks not to go Armor/Stamina crazy, we do have to survive and produce a good amount of threat while tanking. I'd rather have a balanced tank than one that goes: "LOL 17K HP IN BLUES/GREENS"

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    Remember also, avoidance isn't about dodging that big hit. It's too unreliable for that. Avoidance is about breaking up strings of landed attacks. You need to decrease the occurences of 4 attacks in a row landing successively.

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