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Thread: Disarmed, Fury Warrior Concerns patch 2.3

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    Any fury warriors that have tested how much of a nurf/buff we have gotten? Props for all the theoricrafting, but sometimes reality differs from the math.

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    I've done a bit of ZA on my warrior as Fury. I can't say I raid that way as much as I'd like to, but I didn't notice a buff or a nerf to overall DPS. I still pulled aggro on trash.

    The Bear boss was where I had my biggest problems. I was able to DPS my heart out, next to another rogue, not quite as well geared as I was. I got behind in DPS at a point, and really ramped it up with str pots and trinkets and stuff, but never really had the Umph to bring me back on par with tanks that were taunt catapulting their threat above the rest of the raid.

    The rogue and I were soundly over everyone else's DPS, but he still beat me out, I'm pretty confident with deathwish I'd have been able to ride the aggro curve alot more steadily than I did in that fight, and as it stands I wasn't as close to the MT in threat as I'd have liked to have been, which is a big nono for fury warriors. On the bright side, maybe I won't die quite as often.

    Some things to account for, we hadn't done bear boss very many times at all, so no one was really comfortable with the fight. I did have salvation. I may not have had the perfect fury talent spec, but it wasn't bad, still a 17/44.

    Maybe I'll do some testing on the invincible guys today in blasted lands, a 3 minute test with the same gear popping trinkets and cooldowns. I won't go so far as to count how many individual bloodthirsts and whatnot I do, but I'm pretty consistent with my damage rotations so it should be fairly accurate. (Maybe I will keep track, shouldn't be too hard with SW stats)

    We'll see.

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    Taunt catapulting? Could you explain that?
    "I played hard to avoid mistakes, but now I can play hard to capitalize on opportunities." -Arold, on the 3.0 Protection Warrior.

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    We use a system in normal raiding situations where instead of having an OT just sit around waiting to do his job, we'll have both our tanks tanking on mobs that can be taunted.

    One tank starts the battle with a shield slam, the other taunts off that tank and shield slams, then the first tank taunts off that tank and shield slams, so on and so forth. Doing this, you cut the cooldown of shield slam in almost half, not to mention whatever other threat you generate while the other tank is waiting to taunt. It skyrockets threat, really fun to be a part of doing it as well.

    The bear boss works similarly, though you don't taunt as often.

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    Still planning on doing the tests... instead of speccing fury last night for the raid, we didn't have the people, and I ended up speccing prot to tank a KZ... a little counter-productive.

    I'll try to start on the test server tests when I get a chance.

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    i have been on PTR for about 10 hours now. Ran ZA & Kara got 1 boss dead and found 3 bugs and such in our runs but all in all heres my outcome regarding DPS....

    Without Deathwish on live i pull between 390 & 415 DPS on Attumen in Kara (no Bleed bonus)

    With Deathwish that pumped up to 445 with trinket use

    Without Deathwish on Test with similar crit rate (had to use sharpening stones to get the last few percent from my normal raid rating) - 428 was the number.

    I have also spent a bit of time playing with trash also to try and verify a better amount of swings/damage etc..

    My conclusion here is that WW with slow slow will be a nearly equal trade for Deathwish on single fights.

    Trash hasn't really changed much showing that expertise has pretty much had no effect over my non axe dps.

    With dual axes however (lesser quality) I still managed to keep my dps above 420 which although a very rough test makes me think that i want the racial back far more than i thought.

    I'd guess that my racial would have added 20-30 DPS where as without it i maintain my current DPS with a slight increase (wasn't threat capped at all but that i think is more because devastate is NICE!!)

    having said all this I would still say sweeping strikes is a waste of a point unless you can get the MT to pull 2 mobs away from CC and still tank them. ie useless using most tactics

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    Thanks for the information!

    I must say that SS will be sweet in Hyjal though! I usually am right after our mages and warlocks, I think I can catch up with he warlocks after the patch, who knows?
    I hope so atleast, cause I'm one of the top DPSers when it comes to Hyjal and even more AE dps will be fun

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