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Thread: Avoidance / AC+Stam set grief

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    Avoidance / AC+Stam set grief

    Now im an MT working our way through Kara in my guild. I have been doing alot of reading up into warriors as a class, and what is needed of them gear wise.

    Avoidance gear as i understand it:- min of 490 def, as much dodge, parry and block as possible. Anything spare and left over into TPS items ( + hit gems for instance or SBV items. ) Now where does this leave your armor and stam sitting at? Do you neglect it? or keep it at a medium range?

    When your in an avoidance set what stats am i mostly looking to increase?

    Stam/ Ac set:- Obv 490 defence - tons of stam + ac item modifers. anything else into TPS.

    Now with my char ive tried to balance it out to a medium of moderate HP/armor + avoidance. Should i stop doing this and gain 2 sets?

    please note my current armor link has some wierd pieces of gear / enchants / gem slot / trinkets in it. Im working out a few new gem combos.

    If one thing i could wish for is finding a guide with examples of a pre-raiding avoidance set - and pre-raiding HP+stam set

    Cheers for reading.

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    I currently have 3 sets I use in my Spec(prot)

    The first is a Stam Set, Un buffed i am At 14k Health and Armor and about 40% avoidance, With a 21% chance to block

    My Avoidance set, Which admitidly needs a fair bit of warok I sacrifice about 7-800 health for another 5% of Avoidannce(Dodge/parry).

    My threat set is jsut loaded with block Value(about 400 at this point, I dont have an auto blocker yet but that is on my to do list).

    All three sets have 490 def, and All of them are mostly blues at the moment until I can get into a few proper Kara clears and pick up the epic bits and bobs.

    What I am trying to point out here is that the gear avalible for tanks pre Kara is Actually rather good in comparrison the Old wow where it was bassicly all or nothing for DPS or tanking. Some pieces that you have for one set can(and should) be used in others to maximize there usage. But you can sometimes find a 2 or 3 different pieces can make the workd of difference.

    Also, look at http://www.tankspot.com/forums/gear-...w-2-2-2-a.html At anything below the epic stuff(unless its craftarble of drops in heroics) And pick and choose from there.

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