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Thread: Innate threat values and Defiance

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    Innate threat values and Defiance

    I was reading up and came across someone saying innate threat values are not affected by defensive stance and defiance. is that true?

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    It depends upon how you interpret that. Sunder armor is always 301 innate threat. If you're in battle stance that means 301*0.8 threat for each sunder, if you are in defensive then that means 301*1.3, defensive and with defiance it's 301*1.495.

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    I don't think that's how it works.

    Its because testing was done in defensive stance, so the finding that sunder is 301 threat means that outside of defensive stance, its actually lower, or so i thought. Satrina?

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    301 innate threat is back calculated through all of the modifiers versus the initial numbers. So much like you had to divide your results on the devastate test by 1.495 those numbers were divided just the same. You could inherently just multiply those numbers by the threat modifiers and come up with what their "real threat at application" is.

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