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Thread: Blood Craze proc's from resisted Crits?

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    Blood Craze proc's from resisted Crits?

    I've just reviewed a post under Satrina's guides that describes both Enrage and Blood Craze being able to proc from a resilience resisted crit. This seems like a concept worth exploring. As a tank, spec'ing an ability that would regen health one out of a hundred hits would be effective, and resilience is easy enough to itemize. However, I have no idea about what kind of chance Blood Craze has to proc from a resilience resisted crit. If anyone out there has already come up with or seen these percentages, it would be worth posting. Possible Blood Craze/Resilience tanking in the future?
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    To be honest, I dont think it would be worth it your going to be healed a fair amount of the time so that you dont die. A heal effect which has a chance on a crit(even a resisted one) is just far too random to be useful. also you would have to drop def over resilience and for every point of def you drop you lose avodiance.

    Thats my 2 cents anyway

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    for 5 mans, maybe, but then you don't erally even need healers at that point if you're that well geared. for 10 mans+ you're getting that heal no matter what, make the best use of it and your talents.

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