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Thread: PvP gear is the perfect OT gear?

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    PvP gear is the perfect OT gear?

    While gearing up my tank I have started to wonder...

    The Merciless gladiators shield wall is THE best shield to get before Gruul (according to Berghs gear guide). The MG shoulders are up there just below mantle of Abrahmis.

    The gear is stacked with sta, crit and resilience. Res is "the new def" in the way that 490def dont need to be the goal for a tank then. Sta is always good, and crit is superb for an OT to dps when needed and generate aggro when needed.

    I know that its said that any gears points put in Sta is a waste for a dps warrior since he is supposed to not get hit. But most raids I have been in OT'ing, some mob needs to be held for next CC to be available or to be OT since cc'er got killed.

    The arena gear will make it possible to switch between dps and OT without the need to change gear. To be dps/OT in one make up.

    With this gear we can also be an 'extra insurance'. Since threat is usually the cap for dps warriors we can try position us just below the MT, so if some unforseen event happens - like him gettin squashed - we can pick up the boss and let the dps to work a little bit longer.
    If we are in dps gear we die at once - in full tank gear we will have produced too little threat to be second on threat list.

    What do you say? Is this an interesting view? Or is it just rubbish and missinformed?

    (The only critisism I dont want is that the tank shall never die or the like - because we all know that is only the case in farm status places)
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    Tbh I wouldn't use merciless as an OT, I'd go for some real tanking gear, as an OT sometimes have to "MT", but I guess it's nice for being 2nd on the threat list, if it's vs 1 mob

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    I haven't analyzed the pvp gear stats for raid purposes (I do have the shield however) but I do agree with the idea of diversifying. I recently left a guild as MT to a more progressed guild taking on an OT role. Not having to be the one super geared tank has really allowed me explore different concepts in talents, gear, gems, etc. The ratio of tanking to dps'ing shifts quite a bit depending if you are OT 1,2,3 and so on. While staying within the boundaries of having good stam/armor etc, I feel being able to contribute a bit more dps helps the raid. Different gear sets alone with itemrack/outfitter can be a great way to adjust to the raids needs. For example, I'm working with a high threat/sbv/impale set up as I typically have the first burn down target. When it's down, I'll dps HS/SS with the autoblocker/T5 bonus. Snap aggro or picking up a loose mob is not a problem either. Come boss time, a switch to a higher stam/armor set and it's good to go. I suppose it's unorthodox, but I'm having a fun time with it (2500+ SS crits on bosses). BTW, Vashj down and working on Kael....

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    Our Hydross add and FLK priest tank uses his Merc set. Works out great.

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