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Thread: Taunt Resists

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    Taunt Resists

    When taunting high level bosses like Al'ar I keep getting a huge amount of resists, I have heard that +spell hit will reduce this chance. Is this correct? and if so could anyone care to direct me to some items that would provide a good amount of spell hit.

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    Its not a good idea to drop stats that will be good in every possible scenario while tanking for ones that have Spell Hit. You have 3 chances to get the mob back to you.
    1. Taunt
    2. Mocking Blow
    3. Challenging Shout

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    Alar can only be taunted when he is incoming to your platform. I believe i saw a change stance macro for mocking blow in the macro section. I generaly use the +spell hit as a joke if someone in the raid gets killed because of a resist, i've never heard if it actually does, maybe someone was messing with you.

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