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Thread: Trinkets

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    I have a dilemma that I am looking to purchase and get one of the Darkmoon Faire stam trinkets in order to replace one of my trinkets in order to achieve more stamina. I currently OT in a guild currently working on Kael'Thas.

    I also have auto-blocker which I equip for trash and some bosses that require me to gain quick aggro.

    Need to some advice on this- and also which trinquet is better (vengance-Madnes-etc.)

    Another option is waiting for a Spyglass to drop.

    I have my commander's badge equip:which I got last night. So is the trinquet an upgrade to this for tanking- other than the +5 more stam. Is the proc good on these?

    I usually have my Moroes trinquet in this slot btw.

    What say you all?

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    Vengeance: 51 sta (closer to 59 with talents and Blessing of kings) and the 10% procc is nice to have. I would take the darkmoon faire trinket over the commanders badge. The procc is not much but it adds up..

    100 extra threat now and then is always nice to have.

    Madness is useless (except for stamina) when tanking, would take vengeance over madness any day.
    I dont make threats...I make promises~!

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