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Thread: Deja Vu

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    Deja Vu

    WSG weekend has always been my favorite pvp weekend. If you are in a guild like me, you get to take your best out to battle, and usually get a premade to face you. It is a great way to build guild unity and just have fun in general.
    I lead a team both Saturday and Sunday. Early Saturday we had some trouble. We ran into some very skilled teams, and we had no healers on our team. After some adjusting, we went 3-0 to end the night. We also had the pleasure of running into a few Stormrage premades. That is the server that I started playing the game on, so I know many of the players there. We beat both the old great "helmet" pvp team, and a premade composed of players from the very first guild I was ever in. It was a ton of fun.
    Sunday we went 9-0. Most of the games were pretty easy, but the last game was amazing. We faced off against a very skilled Magtheridon premade. 1.5 hours later we finally pulled out the win 3-2. It was one of those nail biting, brutal battles that never slowed down. I spent a good part of the fight 3v7 in my flag room holding the flag. Let me say once again intervene is op.. I spent about 15 minutes looking like a giant bovine pinball. Their melee could not get near me. I even escaped the entire group a few times. Those are the games I live for, true challenges against skilled players.
    We also picked up an elemental shaman, new paladin, and new priest for our 5man arena team. The priest proved himself immediately with great healing, lightning dispells, and great los movement. If we can finish raiding early tonight, we'll go back in with the shaman and paladin. I can only hope that they are as amazing as the priest.

    take care,

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