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Thread: Interesting wipe last night.

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    Interesting wipe last night.

    So we're in Heroic Shadow Labyrinth, doing well too. We're in the Hall just before Grandmaster Vorpil, fighting those 4-pulls with the Zealots who turn into Dogs and the fanatics that duel weild the fist weapons.

    We pull, sheep two leaving one Zealot and one Fanatic up, i have to run in to break the Zealots spellcasting and the fanatic gets behind me, and i am dead in litterally seconds. Thats never happened to me before, and i have over 490 defense, around 507 with the gear i was currently in.

    Going over it in my mind, i was thinking it might have had something to do with the way i approached the Zealot, and in doing so positioned the Fanatic behind me. Can you take critical or more damaging attacks if the enemy is attacking behind you? Just thought i'd ask here if this has happened to many people, just one of my more interesting wipes i thought i'd share. hehe

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    You cannot parry or block attacks from behind, could be that your avoidance was severely affected by positioning.
    "I played hard to avoid mistakes, but now I can play hard to capitalize on opportunities." -Arold, on the 3.0 Protection Warrior.

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    But you are not taking more dmg just from beeing attackt from behind.
    Did you look at your combat log ?

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