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Thread: SSC+ 2h DPS

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    SSC+ 2h DPS

    I swear I've done everything I could to avoid posting another "How's this spec for such 'n such?" but here I am.

    The spec: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    The questions:

    1) Would the loss of UW for 5/5 Imp Demo be an effective trade for a raid attempting to keep up CoReck in SSC+?

    2) Is 1/2 Imp Slam even worth the point if I'm not going to go with 2/2?
    2a) If NOT, would the loss of 5/5 Commanding Presence (to 4/5) be a good trade to get 2/2 Imp Slam?
    2b) How the F%&* do I work Slam into my dps rotation with 2h?

    3) Is Imp OP worth the (virtually) guaranteed crit (thus Flurry) versus any other talent I could place 2 points into through the 30 pt tier? (The only thing I would really consider would be weapon mastery for the +weap skill in a raid environment.)

    4) You're gonna love this one: Would 3/3 Imp Rend be worth dropping part of Deflection since I KNOW I'll always be keeping Rend up anyway for the BF bonus?

    Those are all my major concerns; any other input regarding technique is welcome. And btw, the reason for Mace spec is I'm a macesmith with Deep Thunder.

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    Everything you need to know about Imp. Slam and 2h DPS.

    WoW-Europe.com Forums -> Complete Slam DPS guide inside

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    On top of the above link, check out my blog on Slam Mechanics.
    Breaks down the timeing of how slam can be incorporated.

    However I have never built an Imp. Slam rotation list. I should get on that...

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    imp OP not worth it unless there is a particular fight u have in mind where you would be in Bstance otherwise it is just not worth stance dancing.
    Imp rend also not worth it you should have in the neighborhood of 30+ crit unbuffed throw in a kings and a mark + LotP and crit wont be a worry at all therefore bloodfrenzy will always be up. WM also helps with the 2 points stated above. Less glancing= more rage=more crits.

    Is there a fury war who can supply the UW if not yes go ahead and pick it up.

    !/2 imp slam is a waste. 4/5 CP to get 2/2 or drop Imp slam altogether.

    Lastly as soon as you can get a sword, Mace is the least desirable for raid dps axe better than mace and sword at present is king. I know I sort of jumped around a bit but meh.

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    Ok, so to clarify:

    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft would be the ideal spec for a Blood Frenzy raid build? (ignoring weapon spec)

    And, the proper dps rotation would be something like:

    1) Auto-attack -> Slam -> MS
    2) Auto-attack -> Slam -> WW
    3) Auto-attack -> Slam -> MS
    4) Auto-attack -> Slam -> refresh buff/debuff

    Sound right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fea View Post
    4) You're gonna love this one: Would 3/3 Imp Rend be worth dropping part of Deflection since I KNOW I'll always be keeping Rend up anyway for the BF bonus?
    Would be a waste, you should always have BF without having to use Rend, or else you don't crit enough! You should have around 41% crit chance in raids without any elixirs or pots (that's what I have). I never use Rend anyway, and if you need to dump some rage, use Slam instead

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