I felt the urge to write this post after sitting here waiting for UFC fights to pass.

I see a lot of post about 2v2 and which partners to use Etc.

With this post I will go over what to do as a Pali/War team against all other setups.

I personally use a Paladin as my choice. What the Pali can do is huge to me and my game play. And I personally see it as the best for 2v2 because of dispels, freedom, BOP and bubble.

Ill go over every combo Ive seen and played against most.

The most common is a warlock / Add class here.


Warlock/Shadow Priest

The priest must die first and always first. Mass dispel needs to be pummeled.

Try and get the charge if you can it helps tremendously, if you can pummel a mindblast after all the dots have been applied (as usual priest warlock combos do before they start their burst) do so as long as your pali has not bubbled yet. If your pali has bubbled either spell reflect and prepare to bash the mass dispel or if you are fine keep beating on the priest and drop a fear to stop DPS for a second from both the warlock and priest and possibly fear the pet for time for your pali to not be silenced. As long as your pali keeps you up through bubble you should have damaged the priest enough to kill him.


Same as before, get on the priest, slow both the priest and the warlock and if you get the chance the pet. Basically, this set up is meant to drain the pali outlast and win. You must be all over the priest and do your best to keep the warlock slowed (very hard). Make sure to pummel mind controls if the priest trys to catch you low with lots of dots on you. Also, make sure the pali is not being mana burned by the priest, he has to deal with the warlock and constantly move and LOS and possibly drink whenever possible. When the priest bubbles dont waste rage beating through his bubble, try to conserve for when his bubble is down. (Unless you are at 100 rage then dump some not all of your rage into it to beat through it). Its simple but long, you must kill the priest before your pali runs out of mana.


By far one of the hardest match ups. The BIGGEST thing you have to do is get Judgement of Justice on the druid if you do not you will not win. To start the fight, charge in, hamstring the warlock and start hitting the pet for rage and to possibly kill it. Once the druid pops up, (he might cyclone you or root) try to intercept him before his cast gets off, slow him with piercing howl as long as possible to help your pali get JoJ on him. By getting JoJ he cannot run away, but he can root you, right after the JoJ is applied you need to have your pali get a freedom on you, so that only a cyclone can stop you (pummel these). If you happened to get cycloned and the druid is low, trinket out of it and get back on him. Repeat the process of JoJ and freedom. Judgement of Justice is the key. And also, you will find yourself getting the druid low and him getting that natures grasp or cyclone off, if he is below 10% try to call for your pali to execute him.


The hardest fight for a Pali/War team because the Warlock does more damage overall and is draining your pali as it happens. Unlike you, who is simply beating on the warlock. Your pali runs out of mana before you do. The key to this fight is killing the pet, there is no other way to win. Basically, you beat on the warlock, making his pali heal him. Your pali must LOS and move always. And when you get a chance slow and kill the pet. Catch the warlocks pali off guard with the pet being sent around the corner as your pali line of sights. Kill the pet, the warlock will instant summon a new one. Repeat process and kill it again. The pali will be more cautious of the pet so you just try to pummel a heal or get your pali to hammer of justice when you get the pet. After you get the pet the 2nd time. It allows your pali to run and drink easier without a pet on his ass. And you are able to beat on the warlock without soulink. You might see the warlock get BOPed to summon a 3rd pet but you must kill the pet again. After the warlock has no pets you will be able to beat on the lock easier and since the lock has no burst so he won't kill you fast and it again allows your pali to drink as the warlocks pali is constantly healing running out of mana.


A tough fight because usually the lock is UA and the Rogue is mace spec. Causing you to not be dispelable and locked down a lot. Kill the rogue first. Get your pali to stun him to stop him for a second. You must kill the rogue before your pali bubbles fades. If the rogue is still up and has a decent amount of Hp. call it over, your pali will be feared and you will die quickly.


This is a fight that can turn tough, usually the rogue is a mace spec, causing you to be repeatedly stunned. Again, as the warlock/druid combo, it's huge to get the slow on druid. Let's say the druid gets away and you are left with the rogue, just turn and start beating on the rogue until the druid comes back. You can possibly kill the rogue before the druid comes back or what happens normally is, the druid comes back, you instantly switch off and go on the druid, beat on him, and he runs away leaving the rogue again ultimately killing him. If you get the JoJ on the druid, make sure to pummel, get freedom and trinket at the key time. 99% of the time rogues are on you because they can't win an outlast fight, with him being beaten on you by you and him hitting the pali. But they can win a fight with you beating on the rogue the entire fight and the rogue hitting you. The reason being is you will be locked down so much that eventually the druid will catch you low and cyclone the pali, and then cyclone you, causing you to not be healable and bouncing back and fourth. So get on the druid, get a JoJ and you will win.


This fight can really bad and really good. Getting the JoJ on the druid is huge, and killing him like Ive explained before. Constantly whenever the warrior is near you hamstring him. Pummel the cyclone, trinket at the key time and get JoJ on the druid and get a freedom.


You know in fights how you charge for the target you are going to kill first? Well not this time, charge the warrior first, hamstring him, and intercept to the shaman and hamstring him. The warrior won't get on you because he simply can't let you get rage to kill his shaman. Your pali must kite the warrior and constantly LOS. And everytime your intercept is up, either run to the warrior (if hes close) and hamstring and bounce back to the shaman and keep both of them slowed. Make sure to kill the mana tide totem. Also hit WF when possible (dont make it a proirity) but let your pali deal with that (he should run the warrior really far away time to time, and then become close and allow you to hamstring and hit the WF totem. Just make sure that your pali stays away from the shaman so he doesn't get purged.


Try to get into combat ASAP so the rogue doesn't get a sap off. If the rogue is on you, make sure to get the pali to stun after a freedom fades or is purged as you beat on the shaman so the rogue is slowed and doesn't catch up right away or so that if he trinkets out of a stun, he is instantly slowed wasting a trinket. If it turns out ugly and you can't seem to get on the shaman, beat on the rogue and intercept heals and pummel them. Make sure to watch for mana tide. Have your pali get WF totems if droped and stun the shaman at key times.


Same as Warlock/Spriest, kill the priest first, you must, and you must do it before your palis bubble fades. Pummel the mass dispel and kill kill kill. You might have a few seconds to kill the priest after the bubble fades but hopefully your pali can fake out a CS and be able to heal you. Hopefully you live and it doesn't come down to a mage vs pali fight.


Kind of like druid/rogue except your pali needs to LOS mana burn and be able to heal you. Slow both the rogue and priest. And the fight will constantly be on the move. If the rogue gets on your pali, has the pali freedom himself and run away from the priest as to not be slowed. And make sure to intercept and stun, and slow the rogue constantly. If the rogue is on you, you are fed rage and are able to beat on the priest with a lot of rage.


A very bad fight for draining. As the hunter won't do any DPS but simply and constantly drain your pali, and so will your priest. Ive only faced this team once and I was able to kill the priest very fast. But Ive been thinking of possibly treating it like a pali/lock team. Where your pali needs to constantly move and you need to kill the pet. If you can kill the pet,(specially if its the scorpion). Then the fight becauses easier. I would suggest killing the priest as he is a lot squishier and if you kill him quickly before your pali runs out of mana (make sure he is LOS as much as possible).

These are the top teams, if you have questions about any other set up. Let me know, this is what I normally see when I play at my rating. Hope this helps all those people with constant questions.


As you get higher in rating, it becomes all about who crits more. War/Pali vs War/Pali = A Warrior duel.

I fought this team that I made the pali BOP himself pretty quick. But then my pali had to BOP. Then bubble. And we lost that fight. We then changed our strat to lure the warrior away and my pali decided to shockadin him down and I feared the pali around the corner intercepted and executed the warrior. But I hate facing other warrior/pali combos.

Edit - Just for info - My 2v2 rating is currently at 2231.