Last night started off in a bad way. I logged on to the mage from my 5 man texting me on my phone, and then freaking out in game. Apparently the paladin on our 5 man team decided to spend all the points we earned this season on ret gear. He then promptly left our team. Apparently this had been planned for a long to us. All of a sudden the season looked over. Then something amazing happened.

We currently have two mages on our team. One is the gladiator mage that transferred with me from Ysondre. The other is an extremely under geared, but extremely skilled player that I have played with since release. That player also has a gladiator paladin that we owned with last season. Without being asked Fox sucked it up, transferred his paladin over, and just like that we're stronger than ever.

I'm writing about this b/c it was a complete rollercoaster of emotion. I started the night feeling hurt, betrayed, and wondering how we were even going to field a team anymore. I ended the night energized, optimistic, and most importantly with my faith in friends restored. Thank you Renan.

We do still need to find one more paladin so that we can continue gearing up Fox's mage, but we have precious time to do so now. Tonight I'm going to go knocking on Ysondre and try to find my other gladiator paladin..