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Thread: A question about Breastplates

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    A question about Breastplates

    Ok, I've had zero luck with Nightbane for the last 5 months. So I finally gave up, lvled BS and farmed like crazy to get all the mats for the [item]Bulwark of the Ancient Kings[/item]. That same night I got all my mats, my guild just up and decided to run me through Kara again for the sole purpose of getting me the BP. After the most spectacular Nightbane kill I've ever seen, lo and behold [item]Panzar'Thar Breastplate[/item] drops.

    So my question is, Is the Kings BP still enough of an upgrade for me to continue to make it for my EH set, and throw Panza'Thar in my avoidance set? Or would I just be better off using the mats to make a Lionheart?
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    I was in the exact same boat. I finally bit the bullet, dumped my hammersmithing (how I miss you, drakefist!) and now happily tank with my [item]bulwark of the ancient kings[/item] stocked with 3 solid stars of elune, much to the horror of the dps warriors in the guild.

    I am still hoping that Nightbane will cough up the breastplate one of these days. I'm still using [item]Vindicator's Hauberk[/item] for my avoidance chest, which means I don't use it much. Another option for fights like Prince would be very helpful.

    Although since we're working on Magtheridon at this point, maybe I'll get lucky and just go to T4 before Nightbane gives it up. (He hates me - won't give me the shield either.)

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    None of those BP's are anywhere near the same class as the BoAK. You won't replace BoAK till T6.

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    The only real advantage of T5 is the dodge/defense, but having BoAK will give you a very solid threat boost, enough to cut down on the threat-related pieces in other slots.

    I'm thinking about gemming it with 1 12 stam and 2 8 hit gems. Socket bonus isn't great, sure, but it's something.

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    looking for ideas on gemming

    I fall in the same boat as above only killed nightbane about 6-12 times no chest our other kara group has had it drop 4 times. I hate nightbane.
    Now i have finally got the mats for [item]Bulwark of the Ancient Kings[/item] and now i want to get ideas on gemming it i have [item]Resplendent Fire Opal[/item] in the bank as well as [item]Splendid Fire Opal[/item] just don't know if either one would be worth it in this chest or if i should just go with [item]Solid Star of Elune[/item] any ideas would be appreciated also thinking +6 to all stats for the enchant

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    IMO 12 stams if your going to be tanking. I always do 150 hp. I think thats the best tanking enchant out there. maybe someone thinks otherwise?

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    You're linking [item]Bulwark of Kings[/item] which means you're doing SSC? Or do you mean [item]Breastplate of Kings[/item]? If you mean the latter, then I'd get Arena season 3 BP or something like that gemmed with HP, for the same reasons as Bulwark.

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    I'd stick with Armorsmithing indeed and gem it up with hit rating or stength for threat-sensitive fights like Void Reaver.

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    Alstott I ment [item]Bulwark of the Ancient Kings[/item] which i crafted last night and yes we are doing TK and some SSC i was just pointing out that i have horrible luck with getting chest piece drops and currently I'm not on an arena team just don't have time with RL and raids though i agree that S3 is a really nice chest piece and shield too
    For now i'm makeing this my main tanking chest piece untill i get another more tank orientated piece so i have socketed with 12stam when i get another piece i may change that also i'm not sure about the number break down on +6 to all stats versus +150hp but i have used +6 stats on all my post bc tanking pieces
    Lastly i have most of my tanking gear on in the Armory if you want to look and i'm planning to regem some of it

    All suggestions are welcome
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