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Thread: tanking: hit rating?

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    tanking: hit rating?

    just a simple question, how important do you think is hit rating?

    Atm im thinking about using 5 yellow slots for +8hit gems, so im losing 5*12 sta (600 health) for 5*8 hit (which is think is about 2 1/2 % hit) to increase my threat building and holding.

    what do you think about it or ist it just to much sta im losing?

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    I think it totaly depends on your current situation. If you dont have any hit whats so ever and you seem to be lacking in the threat department, then it would be a great investment (what good is stam when you cant hold the mob on you in the first place)

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    It really depends on how much Hit rating you have in the first place i think, And ho much health you have as well.

    If your hit rating is low, but you have high health, Then maybe swapping one or 2 Solid stars would be viable, But if your HP is avearge - low then Health > Hit.

    Also, I have 57 hit rating just through my gear and have no porblems with threat.

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    One option for some really easy hit rating is getting the poison vial from R&J in Karazhan (there's also a blue trinket from a heroic with about 30 hit rating on it as well). A trinket slot can be swapped out without losing many stats at all while you gain over 2% hit. Trinket slots in general are just the best way to get a large amount of any one stat that you may feel is necessary for the fight you're going into.

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