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Thread: A Tauren says "Hi"

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    A Tauren says "Hi"


    And i think this is the primarily intention of this post - just to say "hi".

    As you can see new to this community and I'm kinda new to tanking as well. Perhaps a few things concerning my "career".

    I'm 34 years old, living in Vienna, Austria, European Community. So forgive any quirky english.

    I started playing a Paladin on Alliance side on the EU Server "Der Rat von Dalaran" in May 2005, leveled it to 60 but I did not really know what to do with it in terms of game mechanics.

    When I hit 60 and started raiding on sundays, and back then it seemed to me (or to my raidlead) that Paladins were only good at a very limited number of things. Decursing and Buffing, and I did not have very much fun at doing this. (I realize the situation is different now) I'm a roleplayer. I initially choose the Paladin for roleplaying reasons - but the roleplaying on my server went downwards, and I did not have a very good time. I rerolled a hunter, leveled it to 47, then rerolled a priest and was hooked to the priest.

    I regularily visited Zul Gurub with the Holy Priest, and had very short encounters with AQ20 and MC. In the meanwhile I leveled a Mage up to 60 (later to 70). When BC came out, I went forward with the Priest and shortly before I was ready to try Karazhan I realized that roleplaying was absolutley dead. Don't get me wrong, the game is fun in itself, but at that point I was very, very bored. When the Server "Die Aldor" was started, it quickly gained a good reputation for roleplaying in the german-speaking community. So decided to go there, leaving everything behind and started a Tauren Warrior that was meant to be a Tank from scratch and a priestess as a twink on "Die Aldor".

    I actually leveled my Tauren until level 40 with a def spec. I thought this was a good idea - doing it the hard way and learning the craft like this. Then I realized I was plain stupid, trying be a hero at that point. So I went forward with a fury spec but I will to go back to def in the endgame. I'm level 53 now, and I'm having a hard time in terms of level progression. I'm trying to do the old 50something Instances as a tank, since this is way more fun than questing, but I'm not happy in terms of experience gain. (I know, I need to concentrate more, but my time is more limited than two years ago)

    I stumbled upon Ciderhelm's Fortifications Guide a few weeks ago and browsed over the resources here on tankspot ever since that. (Fortifications was an eye opener thick with insights and things to experiment with! Ciderhelm consider this a bow into your direction.)

    Please realize: I'll never be a hardcore raider. But I'm trying to achieve quality in what I do and I'm trying to become a good tank for my guild, which is at first a roleplaying community.

    If any of you guys has something to comment, or has the ultimate solution for my leveling progress issue - please come forward!

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    Hegel Nebelhuf

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