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Thread: Effective Health Theory Calculation example, help.

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    Effective Health Theory Calculation example, help.

    I'm trying to understand it all, could you please review my calculation and see if I am doing it correctly?

    Ok, I will attempt to calc [item]Destroyer Shoulderguards[/item] vs. [item]Warbringer Shoulderguards[/item].

    Ok I begin with Warbringer. For a point of reference I say I have 16000 armor including wearing the Warbringer Shoulderguards. According to the chart in the EH Theory thread, 16000 armor translates into 2.51 ELPH.
    So to value my Warbringer, which has 38stamina base, I multiply 38*2.51=95.38.

    Then, I see the armor difference from Warbringer to Destroyer, it is 118 armor.

    Now I plug into formula, M = 16118/[16118+10557.5] = .604.

    Next I plug into formula, LPS = 1/[1-0.604] = 2.527

    Now I can value Destroyer, which has 44 sta, by multiplying 2.527*44= 111.17.


    Is this even near correct?
    Does the value of Block, Defence, Dodge, Parry, etc weigh into Effective Health at all?


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    Remove your shoulder. Check your total stamina S and total damage reduction from armor, DR (the number you can read in your char screen, like for example, 58.34&#37

    EH_base == S / 1-DR

    Equip item 1, read S and DR again, let's call them S2 and DR2

    EH_with_1 == S2 / 1-DR2

    So, effective health from Item 1 is
    EH_1 = EH_with_1 - EH_base

    EH_1 is your answer.
    I remove shoulders and then I have 12000 stamina and 56% damage reduction.
    EH_Base = 12000 / 1- 0.56 = 27272 (always round it down)

    Then I put my Destroyer Shoulderguards
    EH_with_1 = 12680 / 1 - 0.573 = 29695 (fake numbers)

    Effective health contribution for item 1 is difference
    29695 - 27272 = 2423

    Have in mind that you can't do this for every of your items and sum the results, this works for comparison between two items. Actually, you could use tankpoints calculator to do all of this for you

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